Jamie McQuiggan
SAS Technical Writer and Author

Jamie McQuiggan is a Technical Writer specializing in education topics. She recently published Implement, Improve and Expand your Statewide Longitudinal Data System: Creating a Culture of Data in Education. McQuiggan is currently working on a new book, to be published in early 2015: Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators and Learners.

Students & Educators
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Ta-da! We Wrote A Book!

We are excited to introduce our new book: Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators, Developers, and Learners.  Starting Monday, it’ll be available wherever books are sold. What’s it about? Let’s start with what inspired us to write. Every day, we think about the exciting possibilities mobile devices bring to the traditional classroom.

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Longitudinal data to improve education

If there is one game-changing advancement that can change the current realities of education and the future of how children learn, it is data. Schools are overflowing with data – attendance records, achievement data, even logs from mobile devices – and the questions remain: How can schools turn the data