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Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, SAS

John Sall leads the JMP business unit at SAS and remains the chief architect of JMP statistical discovery software. JMP has been a part of SAS since the first version of JMP was launched in 1989, bringing interactive data visualization and analysis to the desktop.

Recent Posts

Double Double Day

Last year at this time, I wrote in celebration of a unique double: SAS' record revenues – the ... Read More

Celebrate World Statistics Day

The United Nations General Assembly has designated today as the first-ever World Statistics Day: 20 10 2010. SAS ... Read More

The Double Play

Today SAS Institute had a huge double play of publicity. On the same day, we (1) learned that ... Read More

JMP Is 20 Years Old

Today is the 20th anniversary of JMP's first release, and I want to thank everyone who has helped ... Read More

Was Goldilocks’ Negative R-Square Sickness Contrived?

In my previous blog post about Goldilocks and the negative R-Square, I think I left you with an ... Read More

Goldilocks and the Negative R-Square

Learning from data is good, so you would think that bigger studies to fit bigger models is always good. How ... Read More

What Is the Error if the Probability of Rain Is .5 and It Rains?

Suppose that a mortgage aggregator came to you and said that this triple-A assemblage of loans had one chance in ... Read More

Welcome to the SAS Solar Farm, Gov. Perdue

I had the privilege to lead off a press event this morning for North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue at the ... Read More

Carbon Supply and Demand

In my Earth Day blog post last week, I introduced some claims that actions on price were better than actions ... Read More

Earth Day P's and Q's

I suggest you spend some time on Earth Day reading about environmental policy. First, you should get the most ... Read More
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