What is modernization and how will you modernize?

SAS has been around 38 years. The way that we apply analytics to business problems continues to evolve, and the hardware and software available to us has changed dramatically as well.

We are in a phase now where modernization can lower costs and improve processing speeds. Businesses that modernize their infrastructures and analytics environments can take advantage of the latest advances to process large amounts of data in a timely fashion.

But what is modernization? By definition, it’s the process of adapting to modern needs or habits, typically by installing modern equipment or adopting modern ideas or methods.* I see three important points here. Let’s break them down:

  1. Adapting to modern needs or habits. Everyone is talking about big data. Everyone is talking about fact-based decision making. Are you doing that in the most efficient way? Are you taking advantage of the most modern options available today?
  2. Installing modern equipment. Let’s look at your technology infrastructure. Do you have platforms in place to reduce time to decision? Do you have access to the right data? Are you able to handle large amounts of data?
  3. Adopting modern ideas or methods. This isn’t just about your infrastructure. It’s not just about hardware and software. There’s a big cultural change that needs to happen in the organization to be prepared to take advantage of all this. You have to commit to using analytics and putting your trust in the results.

Your modernization efforts will not take place overnight. The cultural work and technology decisions will take time, but some of these newer technologies like Hadoop and cloud computing really do make the entry paths easier and more affordable than ever before.

No matter what your infrastructure looks like now, there’s a path that makes sense for you. It might be a grid architecture. Or a fast, software-as-a-service deployment. Or a full-scale high-performance analytics installation. Consider your options and do what’s right for your business.

*Definition from Oxford dictionary

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