Q4 2012 Intelligence Quarterly: Public sector innovation

Has the public’s tolerance for austerity reached the tipping point of social unrest? Is having an increasingly large portion of public resources spent on financing debt rather than education and health anti-social? Has the public’s confidence and trust in public reforms and government officials eroded beyond repair?

You might feel that we are caught in the doldrums, like the Portuguese sailors of old, desperately trying to catch the winds of trade. The question is: How do we enter the trade winds and bring inclusive growth back to our societies?

Part of the answer lies in treating data as the new asset class that it is and facilitating a new, technology-driven transformation of society, one that will foster inclusive growth and offer a brighter future for people all ages. It starts with using technology and big analytics as a platform of innovation to foster trust, confidence and transparency while equipping all parts of society with the new abilities now available in the information age.

The latest issue of Intelligence Quarterly sets out to highlight early examples of how big analytics has been used as an enabler to not only escape the state of despondency we find ourselves in today, but to also build the platform we so badly need for inclusive growth. In its pages, you will find concrete examples of projects that have helped build confidence and trust by eradicating tax evasion, helping create meaningful jobs and improving the quality of health care, touching on just a few areas where improved social fairness, inclusion and growth are needed.

We all know that 1.5 to 2 percent GDP growth is not sustainable in a world with a rapidly growing and aging population. I invite you to see how we can shape that growth with big analytics. It is humbling to take part in social transformation, shaping a future where regulations can be designed and measured by their outcomes – a world where young talent can realize their dreams while being part of the solutions. Never has the opportunity to build a better future been greater.

The State of Europe

On a related topic, I recently participated in a policy summit, The State of Europe: Escaping the Doldrums, with other European leaders such as European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, Deputy Director Guntram Wolff and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy. The roundtable focused on the growth of Europe and how Europe can restore its role in the global economy. You can hear a brief summary of the meeting in a 3-minute video provided by Voice of America.

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