SAS = analytics. Analytics = hot.

The analytics market is hot. We’ve been saying that for a while now, and so have many industry experts. If you didn’t believe it before now, check out our newly released 2011 financial results and see if that doesn’t convince you. SAS earned US$2.725 billion in revenues last year, a 12 percent increase over 2010.

If you really want a picture of how hot the analytics market is, there’s no better indicator than SAS sales. After all, SAS has 35 percent market share for analytics, and the other nine analytics vendors behind us don’t own 35 percent of the market combined. In other words, our competitors are doing some work with analytics, but their revenues come from other areas as well.

Need another indicator? Our head count for 2011 was up 9.2 percent globally. What does that mean? It tells me, again, that the value proposition of analytics is hot. We initially had plans to grow head count by 4 percent last year. We never thought we’d grow by more than 9 percent, but demand for analytic solutions has been high, and we had to hire to keep up with the demand.

You know, I really like this time of year. January is underway and New Year’s resolutions are still hanging on. Our sales staff is in town to kick off another great year, our revenues are up again – and one of our favorite workplace awards has been announced.

This year, we ranked #3 in FORTUNE’s Best Companies to Work For list. We’ve been on the list every year since its inception and this is the ninth time we've been in the top ten.

The bottom line this year - and every year - is that SAS is appealing to customers and employees not only for its software and solutions but also for the genuine relationships we foster. Long-term business deals are based on the relationships that our employees build with customers, and that’s why the FORTUNE award is so important.

Technology alone cannot sustain you as a business. If we want to maintain our 36-year streak of growing revenues, we know the relationships we build with employees and customers are just as important as our solutions. As more and more technologies become commodities, those relationships will become even more important.

Right now, SAS has both: the best people and the best analytics. It’s a great place to be. So, watch out 2012. Things are only going to get hotter!

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