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Jennifer Nenadic 0
Building an analytics culture from the ground up

With all the industry emphasis and collateral available on high performance analytics, business intelligence and visual analytics, it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin, especially if you don’t have a team of statisticians standing by. Thankfully, analytics covers a huge range of opportunities to empower your business, and

Alison Bolen 0
Big data reality check

I'm always a fan of moving beyond the buzz, so the new research from Nucleus Research, "Big Data: Beyond the Buzzwords," caught my eye. Besides providing a quick, simple definition ("big data is all about creating, analyzing, and managing large data sets"), The 3-page report does a nice job distilling

Becky Graebe 1
"It's not possible, but what if it were ..."

As big data grow beyond buzzwords, leading organizations are looking to innovators who understand the possibilities and can help them do something useful with all that information. Yesterday at The Economist's Ideas Economy: Information conference being held in Santa Clara, California, attendees heard from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable

Anne-Lindsay Beall 0
Six reasons retailers need to go mobile

The Mobile Communications article, Why retailers need to be mobile for the 2010 holidaysincludes a lot of compelling reasons for taking your sites mobile. I pulled together a list of six reasons from that article plus a few other sources so you can see the full argument here in a