Being a Test Audience Participant

While on a recent whirlwind vacation, my husband and I were unexpectedly recruited to participate in a test audience for an upcoming NBC summer series. It was one of the highlights of the trip. It wasn’t the $15 we each earned for an hour of our time and opinions, as […]

Social media and retail superstars Lori Schafer and Bernie Brennan

Last year I had the pleasure of working with SAS Executive Advisor for Retail Lori Schafer and retail veteran and former Montgomery Ward CEO Bernie Brennan on their new book, Branded! How Retailers Engage Consumers with Social Media and Mobility. The book presents eight case studies of retailers that are […]

SAS Author’s Unique Proposal for Valentine’s Day

It’s no surprise that the coauthors of the latest Wiley and SAS Business Series book The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy are extremely socially savvy. David B. Thomas and Mike Barlow really know their stuff. It may surprise you, however, that author Thomas has unveiled an enticing new […]

What’s in It for You? 5 Reasons to Read SAS Publishing’s Blog

As the new editor of SAS Publishing’s blog, I’m a bit nervous about this first post. Besides following in the footsteps of former blog editor and new SAS Social Media Manager Kirsten Hamstra, I’m attending the Blogging Success Summit 2011 presented by some of the best bloggers in the business. […]

Social media and mobility: advice on engaging consumers from Zappos

More than 30 Premier Business Leadership Series attendees gathered for a roundtable discussion of social media in retail. "Is Your Company Antisocial? How to Effectively Engage Consumers Through Social Media and Mobility," was hosted by Michelle Thomas, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Zappos. She was joined by Lori Schafer and […]

SAS Global Forum Goes Social - Take 2

My friend Meg Crawford wrote a great post yesterday previewing all the great social media activities planned for SAS Global Forum next month. Like Meg, it will be my first time attending SAS' biggest conference of the year and I couldn't be more excited to meet many of the customers […]

SAS Global Forum Goes Social

Contributed by Meg Crawford, Marketing Specialist, User & Customer Marketing Hi everyone! I'm Meg Crawford and I have a small and somewhat unhealthy obsession with social media. You may have seen me this year on Twitter as @Postgrad, on Facebook posting on the SAS Global Forum Fan Page, on LinkedIn, […]

10 Lessons Learned about Integrating a Social Media Strategy

I am blogging from O'Reilly's Tools of Change Conference in New York City, where I will be co-presenting a case study today with my colleague Sean Gargan about the work we have done over the past year with social media. While working on our presentation, Sean and I realized that […]

Introducing a new video series

I've been working on a project for SAS Publishing that launched this week - a new video series featuring interviews with our authors and SAS experts. Some of you might already be familiar with our podcast series (soon to be on iTunes!), The Cover Story, hosted by my colleague Shelly […]

Our over-populated social mediaverse

Hmmm. Let’s see. Facebook. Check. Twitter. Check. LinkedIn. Check. That’s about it for me, social media Website-wise. Guess I got that covered. What? You say there’s more? Lots more? Boy, is there ever. Wikipedia lists 157 active social networking sites. My favorite in that bunch, which I’ve not been quite […]