The Convergence of College Basketball, Country Music Stars, and SAS

Take your pick. The NCAA men’s final championship game, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and SAS Global Forum 2011 all sweep in early next week—representing the pinnacle of their respective organizations. Rather than stay on the sidelines, I’m sure that many of you will actively participate in some of […]

What's SAS, green, and read all over?

On St. Patrick’s Day there are green rivers, mugs of green beer, and lots of green outerwear. I’m not sure what percentage of SAS Publishing book covers are green, but it's high. And in all probability for good reason. Besides being the most appealing color to the eye (I didn’t […]

Hug a Book! It's World Book Day

Contributed by SAS Publishing’s Shelly Goodin I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I just learned yesterday that World Book Day is TODAY, March 3. So I visited the World Book Day Website to find out more. Our book loving friends in Ireland and the United Kingdom apparently launched this […]

There are no bad books. Seriously.

I have read maybe thousands of books over the past few decades. From classics to business books to young adult novels to some genres that shall indefinitely remain unnamed... And while I loathed some of these books, I can't really call any of them "bad." There is an audience for […]

Are We Listening Yet? Tools of Change 2011

Contributed by SAS Publishing's Julie M. Platt, Mary Beth Steinbach, Shelly Goodin, and Sandy Varner Wednesday, February 16 Julie M. Platt TOC ended with a series of presentations that focused in how to get content noticed. In thinking about our authors, their content, and our users, my key takeaways today […]

Books, Technology, and Authors: Day 2 at Tools of Change Conference

Contributed by SAS Publishing's Sandy Varner, Julie M. Platt, Mary Beth Steinbach, and Shelly Goodin Tuesday, February 15 Sandy Varner Being at the O'Reilly Tools of Change conference allows me to step away from the day-to-day work at SAS Publishing and take the 20,000 foot perspective of the publishing industry. […]

Tools of Change Conference 2011: The Prequel

Contributed by Mary Beth Steinbach, SAS Press Managing Editor and Shelly Goodin Yesterday four of us from SAS Publishing flew into NY for the 2011 Tools of Change Conference (TOC). For the next two days we'll blog about our experience and striking book trends. (Plus, you can watch TOC keynote […]

What’s in It for You? 5 Reasons to Read SAS Publishing’s Blog

As the new editor of SAS Publishing’s blog, I’m a bit nervous about this first post. Besides following in the footsteps of former blog editor and new SAS Social Media Manager Kirsten Hamstra, I’m attending the Blogging Success Summit 2011 presented by some of the best bloggers in the business. […]

Ring in the New Year

Hello Open Mic readers! Thank you for reading our blog where we discuss all things related to SAS authors, the publishing industry, and programs from SAS Publishing. 36 different individuals contributed their expertise and insights to Open Mic in 2010! They discussed such topics as SAS documentation, social media, textbooks, […]

Meeting the Authors of JMP Essentials

Last week, I got a chance to meet up with authors and San Francisco JMP colleagues Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler while they were in Cary, NC, on business. Despite their super hectic schedules, they kindly agreed to get together at 8 a.m. in the lobby of the swanky Umstead […]