Bookstore reports from SAS Global Forum: day 2

Nine Publications colleagues describe their favorite moments of day two at SAS Global Forum. A paper, the SAS authors' dinner, SAS Visual Analytics, eBooks, documentation, attendees, and more made the list. Kathy Council – Vice President, Publications I’ve enjoyed two full days of conference activities and many meet-ups with attendees. Great folks! I […]

Bookstore reports from SAS Global Forum: day one

Resourceful Publications colleagues shared highlights of day one at SAS Global Forum. SAS documentation, Kindle Fire surveys, SAS students, preview copies, and high-performance analytics top the list: Sean Gargan – Director, SAS Publishing Monday morning musing from the Bookstore at SAS Global Forum... I had the good fortune to meet three enterprising […]

QR Codes – great accessibility tool or challenging pair of letters in Scrabble?

I discovered QR codes just a few months ago. As I did research to find out more about them, one of the first articles I came across spoke about the fact that QR codes had basically run their course and their time had come and gone. Darn, another trend I […]

SAS publishing director Sean Gargan turns 25--in SAS years

The Director of SAS Publishing, Sean Gargan, will celebrate his 25th year at SAS on April 7th, 2011. Most of you have heard the accolades given to SAS for being the best place to work. Dr. Goodnight always says it’s the people at SAS that make it so great (he’s […]

The Latest in Digital Books

Contributed by Sean Gargan, Director of SAS Publishing Julie Platt, Editor-in-Chief of SAS Press Peggy Haas, Manager of Publishing Production and Pre-Media Services Upon returning from the exhilarating Digital Book World 2011 conference—and from being stranded in a New York snowstorm—SAS Publishing’s Sean Gargan, Julie Platt, and Peggy Haas thawed […]

Ring in the New Year

Hello Open Mic readers! Thank you for reading our blog where we discuss all things related to SAS authors, the publishing industry, and programs from SAS Publishing. 36 different individuals contributed their expertise and insights to Open Mic in 2010! They discussed such topics as SAS documentation, social media, textbooks, […]

Distribution Opportunities in a Digital Age

I remember studying product distribution in my business classes at Colorado State. We learned about the role of manufacturing, distribution centers, and retail outlets, in moving goods from the factory to the consumer. The publishing industry was built on this model – with the added twist of selling distribution rights […]

10 Lessons Learned about Integrating a Social Media Strategy

I am blogging from O'Reilly's Tools of Change Conference in New York City, where I will be co-presenting a case study today with my colleague Sean Gargan about the work we have done over the past year with social media. While working on our presentation, Sean and I realized that […]