You, too, can have a book at SAS Global Forum 2015

You’re walking around the bookstore at SAS Global Forum, looking at the new books and upcoming titles. There are lots of titles that look helpful, and a couple that are on your must-have list. You see SAS users and students eagerly talking with the authors, treating them like rock stars. […]

Write a SAS book

As SAS software continues to develop, the demand for information grows. That’s why there’s a big recruitment effort underway at SAS Books to get experts to share their best practices on using SAS. Recruiter Shelley Sessoms attended the Analytics 2014 conference in Frankfurt, Germany last week to find new writers. […]

More eBooks for everyone

SAS Publishing has been offering eBooks through partners like Amazon, Apple, and Google, for a number of years. Our content is also available through subscription-based companies like Books 24x7, Safari, and EBSCO. We have learned that taking content developed for hardcopy and turning it into an ebook is not a […]

Finding each other through social media

Would you like to get to know others who share a common interest in SAS books and documentation? We’ve made it easy for you. Besides reading this blog, here are 3 places to discuss our publications and get real-time announcements. Fans of SAS Books on LinkedIn SAS Publishing on Twitter SAS Publishing’s Facebook […]

Bookstore reports from SAS Global Forum: day 2

Nine Publications colleagues describe their favorite moments of day two at SAS Global Forum. A paper, the SAS authors' dinner, SAS Visual Analytics, eBooks, documentation, attendees, and more made the list. Kathy Council – Vice President, Publications I’ve enjoyed two full days of conference activities and many meet-ups with attendees. Great folks! I […]

Bookstore reports from SAS Global Forum: day one

Resourceful Publications colleagues shared highlights of day one at SAS Global Forum. SAS documentation, Kindle Fire surveys, SAS students, preview copies, and high-performance analytics top the list: Sean Gargan – Director, SAS Publishing Monday morning musing from the Bookstore at SAS Global Forum... I had the good fortune to meet three enterprising […]

Documentation for high-performance analytics

We are surrounded by massive quantities of data, and somewhere in there is the information that your organization needs. But being able to perform complex analysis on huge amounts of data isn’t enough – the analysis needs to take place quickly enough for you to be able to act on […]

How long have you been using?

Do you enjoy recalling your first SAS encounter almost as much as a first date? If so, you’re not alone.  Before picking up the phone to call me, however, consider eavesdropping on some recent SAS users’ conversations—and then share your own story. Last week, members of our Fans of SAS Books […]

There are NO dumb questions

I've heard many questions during my 6 years as Sales Manager for SAS Publishing. I’ve noticed that we frequently get similar questions from customers. I’ve compiled a few of these frequently asked questions below with answers. I hope this helps. Please let us know what information would help you navigate our books. Question: I am […]

Time to tell your analytics story

Predictive Analytics World is a little over a week away. I hope you’re planning to be in San Francisco for this exciting conference. This is the first time that SAS Publishing will participate in the event, and I am really looking forward to it. We’re teaming up with the Analytics […]