SAS author's tip: Getting the project templates for Microsoft Visual Studio

This week’s SAS tip is from the fabulous Chris Hemedinger and his latest book Custom Tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide Using Microsoft .NET. Many of you are already familiar with Chris—whether you read his blog The SAS Dummy, hear him speak at conferences, or use his very helpful books. After […]

A useful book on SAS Enterprise Guide

Many marketing researchers, companies and business schools need to use statistical procedures and accurately interpret the result. That's why SAS Enterprise Guide, which uses a user-friendly drag-and-drop menu to extract statistical information, is so popular. Marketing Research with SAS Enterprise Guide includes 236 screen shots to provide a detailed explanation […]

3 things you should know about custom tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide

If you're using SAS Enterprise Guide and you're not using any custom tasks, then you're missing out. Custom tasks -- plug-in extensions for SAS Enterprise Guide -- have been around for years, and a few ambitious programmers have managed to build them without the benefit of much guidance or documentation. […]

SAS author's tip: Combining tables using SAS Enterprise Guide

This week's SAS tip is from Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche's bestselling The Little SAS Book for Enterprise Guide 4.2. Susan and Lora are revered in the user community. And their work continues to help SAS users throughout the world. I hope you'll also find value in this week's excerpt. The following excerpt is from […]

SAS author's tip: scatterplots of ice cream consumption

This week's SAS tip features scatterplots of ice cream data. Geoff Der and Brain Everitt and their book Basic Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide offer up many intriguing examples. Besides analyzing ice cream consumption, the authors use heights and resting pulse rates, horse race winners, and brain tumors to illustrate statistical techniques. Emphasizing the practical […]

There are NO dumb questions

I've heard many questions during my 6 years as Sales Manager for SAS Publishing. I’ve noticed that we frequently get similar questions from customers. I’ve compiled a few of these frequently asked questions below with answers. I hope this helps. Please let us know what information would help you navigate our books. Question: I am […]

SAS author's tip: Alternative ODS destinations

Neil Constable is a Principal Education Consultant at SAS in the United Kingdom, where he applies his extensive knowledge of Base SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide, and the SAS business intelligence tools. He's also the author of SAS Programming for Enterprise Guide Users, Second Edition--and this week's featured tip. You can get to know Neil […]

SAS OnDemand and great practice data

You know the old joke about the guy who jumps into a taxi and asks the driver, “Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?” and the driver replies, “Practice, practice, practice”.  Well SAS OnDemand may not be your ticket to Carnegie Hall but it’s a great practice environment […]

SAS author’s tip: using the Options window in SAS Enterprise Guide

Super authors Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche and their bestselling Little SAS Book series have empowered the user community for years. This dynamic duo has uncannily anticipated what SAS users need to know. And they've produced thoughtful and accessible books with remarkable speed. One of their most recent books The Little SAS Book for Enterprise Guide 4.2 provides […]

SAS Author's Tip: SAS Enterprise Guide and Global Projects

Are you a SAS Enterprise Guide user? If so, you are in luck. SAS Press author Neil Constable provides the inspiration for this week's SAS Author's tip. And this book is more than just a pretty face (the cover photographs very nicely). You'll find rich content from beginning to end. […]