At least 6 reasons to visit the Publications booth at SAS Global Forum

I know you’re going to be very, very busy at SAS Global Forum. But there are at least 6 good reasons why you should add the Publications booth to your must-see list: 1.)    Books, books, and more books. For purchase onsite, for order, for preview. On virtually any SAS topic you […]

13 most viewed SAS documentation titles in 2013 - to date

We've analyzed traffic to SAS Documentation pages and these 13 titles are leading the list as the first quarter winds down.    The top 13 of 2013, thus far SAS 9.2 Language Reference: Dictionary, Fourth Edition Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide SAS/STAT 9.2 User's Guide, Second Edition Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide: Statistical Procedures, Third […]

Innovations continue in SAS publications

Remember my blog post last month “Help us innovate”? I asked for your ideas on ways we could improve our products and services. Thanks to those of you who sent in ideas. We combined your thoughts with those of our own Publications division staff, vetted the ideas, and then held […]

10 most viewed SAS Documentation titles: second quarter of 2012

At the end of 2011, we ranked the most viewed SAS Documentation titles of the year. Now, as the second quarter has closed, we’ve analyzed traffic to SAS Documentation pages again.  While the results are very similar to the previously featured 10 most popular SAS Documentation titles of 2011, there […]

SAS documentation projects win international awards

We are pleased to announce that a couple of SAS documentation projects recently won Awards of Merit in the Society for Technical Communication’s (STC) 2012 International Summit Awards. Competition at the international level is tough. Before reaching this level, documentation projects must receive either an Award of Excellence or an […]

Bookstore reports from SAS Global Forum: day one

Resourceful Publications colleagues shared highlights of day one at SAS Global Forum. SAS documentation, Kindle Fire surveys, SAS students, preview copies, and high-performance analytics top the list: Sean Gargan – Director, SAS Publishing Monday morning musing from the Bookstore at SAS Global Forum... I had the good fortune to meet three enterprising […]

Your questions answered at SAS Global Forum

The bookstore is a happening place at SAS Global Forum. You can shop onsite and save money on books, mingle with 30+ SAS authors, try to win giveaways (hint: follow @SASPublishing on Twitter and monitor the SAS Global Forum hashtag #SASGF12 and/or enter a couple of surveys) and chat with […]

The 10 most popular SAS Documentation titles of 2011

How many of you routinely refer to SAS Documentation? Are there some heavy hitters you continuously turn to? When looking at the high traffic to documentation pages on the site in 2011, it's evident that some titles are definitely resonating with SAS users. As promised (in a recent post on the 9 Bestselling SAS […]

What’s the name of the first SAS book that you used?

This question and the 53 comments that followed became a highlight of SAS Publishing’s social media engagement in 2011. We initially posed this question on our Fans of SAS Books LinkedIn page earlier in the year and responses occasionally still trickle in. I've greatly enjoyed reading users’ experiences with their “first” […]

Our 9 bestselling books in November

Last month’s bestseller list is an eclectic blend of new, tried and true, and titles related to what you do. (think industry). SAS Press books do cover a wide variety of topics. But these top 9 in November are a particularly striking example of that. November was a strong month for us. And we publish […]