Bend it like our BI Dashboard experts

Go USA! Go Germany! Go Mexico! Go Colombia! Wish you were still in it, England! That’s right, it’s World Cup time, and due to the international flavor of my family, I’ve got a number of teams I’m rooting for. I played a little soccer (or “futbol” in our house) back […]

Three reasons to learn SAS macro facility

People tend to think of the SAS macro facility as something to tackle when you’ve reached ‘advanced programmer’ status. But macro programming can be easy to learn, and it allows you to work faster and more effectively. Here are three reasons why you should consider learning the macro facility, even […]

Get comfortable programming with Medicare data and SAS

We all know the importance of understanding the data you are working with. After all, the best programmers we know have combined their lifelong pursuit of programming knowledge with a similar pursuit of some specific subject matter. I have programmed in SAS for about 15 years and have pursued expertise […]

Looking for authors at Analytics 2014

For the second year in a row, I am headed to the European Analytics conference. This year the conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, June 4-5. Last year’s conference was so informative. I learned more about SAS’ analytical power, and I talked to many customers about the books that SAS […]

Looking for new authors at SAS Global Forum

As you may know, we are expanding the SAS Press program.  Are you interested in writing a SAS book, or do you know someone who should write a book for SAS? Please let us know if you are interested--or send us your author recommendations! Here are some ways we're hoping to meet […]

10 most gratifying moments when writing a SAS Press book

Occasionally, people ask me what is the best thing about writing a book. Is it the notoriety you get from being a SAS Press author? Fame is always pleasant. Is it the money you make from the advance and the royalties?  Money is always useful. Is it displaying technical expertise […]

SAS author's tip: Understanding tokens

This week's SAS tip is from Michele Burlew and her book SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Edition. Michele is the author of several extremely helpful SAS books. Visit her author page to learn more about her work and for additional free content. The following excerpt is from SAS Press […]

Bestselling SAS books at spring conferences

I can attest first-hand that the SAS bookstore was super busy at SAS Global Forum. I helped many customers find just the right book(s). Some users showed up with a general topic in mind, while others knew exactly what they wanted (often after hearing a book referenced during a paper). Now that […]

SAS author's tip: Using PROC MEANS to create a data set containing summary information

This week's SAS tip is from Ron Cody and his latest book Cody's Collection of Popular SAS Programming Tasks and How to Tackle Them. Learn more about this esteemed user and his many bestselling SAS books--as well as get additional bonus content on his author page. The following excerpt is from […]

Wearing two hats at SAS Global Forum

The annual conference in SAS Francisco is now a pleasant memory. And what a pleasant one it was!  I saw so many of my user friends and met some new ones too. When I attend this conference I wear at least two hats. The first is that of a SAS […]