Stay curious! Benefit yourself and your organization

Recently one of our most popular authors, Michael Raithel, a Senior Systems Analyst for Westat, presented a SAS Talks and was interviewed for an AllAnalytics radio show.  Michael is the author of more than 25 SAS technical papers, four SAS Press books, and a popular lecturer at SAS Global Forum […]

Artisan crafted SAS programs

Madison Avenue has a new phrase to describe the things they are trying to sell to us: artisan crafted.  These days, there are artisan crafted breads and rolls, artisan crafted beers, artisan crafted coffees, artisan crafted soaps, and a host of other artisan crafted products.  Artisan crafted seems to have […]

At least 6 reasons to visit the Publications booth at SAS Global Forum

I know you’re going to be very, very busy at SAS Global Forum. But there are at least 6 good reasons why you should add the Publications booth to your must-see list: 1.)    Books, books, and more books. For purchase onsite, for order, for preview. On virtually any SAS topic you […]

SAS Press authors share in the thrill of victory

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in full force, many of you may be spending your free time cheering on your favorite athletes and marveling at their amazing abilities. Aren’t the athletes amazing in the way they spin, twirl, and fly through carefully practiced routines? The amount of preparation, practice, and […]

SAS authors leaving for Las Vegas

This weekend, lots of SAS authors are going to Las Vegas. The draw is the Analytics 2012 conference. There, several of our authors will lead discussions, including keynote speaker Tim Rey (coauthor of the new SAS Press book Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS) and Gerhard Svolba (author of […]

Ten bestselling books at PharmaSUG 2012

Don’t miss this list of most sought after books at PharmaSUG 2012. Last month’s conference featured several presentations from SAS authors and many of their books, along with industry-specific titles, were highly popular with attendees. The top 10 (in no particular order): Carpenter's Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques by Art […]

SAS employees stay informed to keep you informed

As SAS users, you rely on books from SAS to stay informed about the latest software updates and industry best practices from SAS authors. As the organization that brings you those books, Publications Division employees attend trade shows, conferences and workshops for professional development and meet with publishing partners to […]

Finding each other through social media

Would you like to get to know others who share a common interest in SAS books and documentation? We’ve made it easy for you. Besides reading this blog, here are 3 places to discuss our publications and get real-time announcements. Fans of SAS Books on LinkedIn SAS Publishing on Twitter SAS Publishing’s Facebook […]

Your questions answered at SAS Global Forum

The bookstore is a happening place at SAS Global Forum. You can shop onsite and save money on books, mingle with 30+ SAS authors, try to win giveaways (hint: follow @SASPublishing on Twitter and monitor the SAS Global Forum hashtag #SASGF12 and/or enter a couple of surveys) and chat with […]

An editor's experience at WUSS

I had the pleasure of attending the Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) conference last week in San Francisco, and I am amazed at the energy and enthusiasm for all things SAS at the regional user group conferences. It’s truly an exciting and energizing three days where you can learn […]