Top 3 benefits of writing a SAS book

Many colleagues and customers at SAS Global Forum ask me, why I write books beside having a full-time job as SAS consultant and being lecturer at universities. Valid question. SUSTAINABILITY. I have been working in so many analysis projects in different domains and industries. Some of them were longer, others were […]

The lowdown on the downloads

I would bet that the most popular four-letter-word in the English language; the one that gets the most attention; the one that everybody loves to see; the one that makes people the happiest is: free. Everybody likes to get something for free. We love it when we purchase two garments […]

Are you doing things SAS backwards?

SAS Programming Professionals, Are you doing things SAS backwards? Yea; we have all been there.  A manager, or a user, or a client, asks you to perform an analysis or create a data set and gives you a sketchy description of what they want. Maybe they say "It's like that […]

Five tips from Simulating Data with SAS

Data simulation is a fundamental technique in statistical programming and research. My book Simulating Data with SAS is an accessible how-to book that describes the most useful algorithms and the best programming techniques for efficient data simulation in SAS. Here are five lessons you can learn by reading it: Learn strategies […]

Resolve to improve your SAS programming skills

Happy New Year to you, your families, and your colleagues! This is the time of year when people make all types of New Year's resolutions. According to the USA.Gov web site, the most popular resolutions are: Lose Weight Volunteer to Help Others Quit Smoking Get a Better Education Get a […]

Beyond traditional forecasting

David Corliss of Ford Motor Co. is currently writing a book about clustering methods in time series analysis. I caught up with him at the Analytics 2014 conference in Las Vegas last month (where he was also presenting on this topic) to talk about these methods and why he decided […]

The innovation vampire

Innovation is easy. All you need to do is three things.  First, have a great idea. Go on, I’ll wait. Next, make it happen. And, once that’s done, just make sure you work out how to commercialise it somehow. Innovation’s never simple, even at the best of times. Moving from […]

The New Normal is Strange

The first time I used the Internet it blew my mind. As a diplomat brat, at any point in time everyone I knew was everywhere but where I was. Thanks the miracles of Gopher, Veronica, IRC and email, the tyranny of distance didn’t seem so oppressive any more. When I […]

Using Big Data & Analytics to Fight Fraud!

It is estimated that a typical organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud each year (  The total cost of insurance fraud (non-health insurance) in the US is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year (  The advent of Big Data & Analytics has provided new and […]

So what’s the big data?

There’s a lot of excitement right now around the book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners by Jared Dean, SAS Senior Director of Research and Development. At SAS, Dean is responsible for the development of the company’s worldwide data mining solutions. His […]