Wheeling and Dealing with SAS eBooks!

contributed by Sandy Varner, SAS Publishing Operations Manager We’ve been talking a lot lately about eBooks. I hope you’ve downloaded the FREE Kindle eBook What’s New in SAS 9.3. Now, we have two more eBook deals for you from SAS Publishing – one for JMP users and one for SAS […]

Inside BEA 2011: Day 3

I promised myself that I would not collect any take home books until Thursday. So much for promises! While walking through the BEA 2011 show floor there were titles that had my name on them. I can barely carry my bag. I visited some local reseller booths such as Duke […]

BEA Report: Day Two

During his presentation at Book Expo 2011 (BEA) yesterday, Michael Norris, from Simba Information, declared "the print book will not die - you can write my name by that statement." Forty-eight percent of Americans did not buy a book last year. That is an audience we need to reach. New […]

BEA 2011: First Day Impressions

I spent my first day at Book Expo (BEA) at the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) conference. There were good presentations but the one that gave me an 'aha' moment was on e-reading devices presented by Gartner. Allen Weiner from Gartner prefaced his predictions by asking what customers need. They […]

Where is the SAS Press $9.99 eBook?

I’m an avid reader and was not happy when ebook prices went from $3-4 to $9-12. However, being in publishing at SAS, I realize a book is priced based on its value and not the format. Shifting the cost from paper to digital is not as easy as you might […]

The Power of the Backlist

In today’s changing environment the hype seems to focus on new, updated, latest release, newly developed, cutting edge and so on. With so many new SAS books to choose from, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at our most popular backlist titles (books that were published […]

SAS publishing director Sean Gargan turns 25--in SAS years

The Director of SAS Publishing, Sean Gargan, will celebrate his 25th year at SAS on April 7th, 2011. Most of you have heard the accolades given to SAS for being the best place to work. Dr. Goodnight always says it’s the people at SAS that make it so great (he’s […]

100 SAS books for $29.95!

Third Edition of SAS OnlineDoc® 9.2 PDF Files released today It's not often that you can purchase an entire library of reference documentation for less than the cost of a single book. However, that's exactly what you can do if you purchase the SAS OnlineDoc 9.2 PDF Files. This stand-alone […]

Better on Larger Screens!

eBooks are all the rage now in the publishing industry and for SAS Publishing, we’re just as excited as the rest of our publishing friends. But not all e-reading experiences are created equal. Smart phones, tablets, and dedicated eReaders have opened the door to eBook delivery. These devices offer beautiful […]

Are We Listening Yet? Tools of Change 2011

Contributed by SAS Publishing's Julie M. Platt, Mary Beth Steinbach, Shelly Goodin, and Sandy Varner Wednesday, February 16 Julie M. Platt TOC ended with a series of presentations that focused in how to get content noticed. In thinking about our authors, their content, and our users, my key takeaways today […]