SAS author's tip: the basic structure of efficient simulations in SAS

This week's SAS tip is from Rick Wicklin and his powerful new book Simulating Data with SAS. Rick is a principal researcher in computational statistics at SAS, where he develops and supports the IML procedure and the SAS/IML Studio application. Chances are you're already familiar with Rick's work - whether you've seen him […]

Book writing business: Lessons learned with Rick Wicklin

Being an author can be a tough gig. Lots of writing, reviews, edits, cover approvals…the list goes on and on. But often the good times outweigh the tough times. And we’re so lucky that many of our authors have written more than one book for SAS Press. One such author […]

SAS books, authors, and SESUG 2012

We wrapped up the annual SESUG conference this week. This year was special, in that the conference was held locally near SAS world headquarters in Cary, NC. In fact, the opening session on Sunday was right here in our on-campus conference center. Conferees were able to take campus tours and […]

SAS author's tip: Creating a data object from a SAS/IML matrix

This week's SAS tip comes from superstar blogger Rick Wicklin and his book Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software. You can learn more about Rick, read user reviews of his book and a free chapter, as well as sign up to receive notification of availability of his forthcoming book Simulating Data with SAS --by visiting his author page. […]

3 SAS books win STC awards

As we wrapped up 2011 and began preparing for 2012, we were notified by the Society for Technical Communication, Carolina Chapter, that three SAS Press books received awards in the 2011-2012 competition. We submitted these three entries this past November, and are thrilled that all three submissions won awards. Multiple […]

Live Twitter chat with Rick Wicklin - lurkers welcome

Do you enjoy talking about SAS statistics and SAS books? Do you know what Twitter is? If you can honestly answer "yes" to both (or is that all 3) questions, then this post is for you. Tomorrow, SAS Publishing will host its second ever Twitter chat. This time around, we've invited SAS […]

SAS author's tip: differences between IMLPlus and the IML Procedure

SAS superstar Rick Wicklin and his book Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software inspired this week’s SAS author’s tip. Besides earning stellar reviews from SAS users, Rick is one of those highly productive people who stands out in whatever role he’s undertaking—from senior research statistician developer at SAS to developer of […]

Author tip: How to sample efficiently in SAS

Contributed by Rick Wicklin, author of Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software This year at SAS Global Forum 2011, I am presenting a statistical tutorial, "Data Simulation for Evaluating Statistical Methods in SAS". In this course, I show how to create data with known properties (such as skewed or heavy-tailed) and […]

Some People Are Born to Write

A friend recently asked me why I am writing a book. My answer? Some people are born to write a book and some have books thrust upon them. Mine was thrust upon me, although it is more accurate to say that I thrust it upon myself. My book, Statistical Programming […]

Close to Publication

I just returned home from Vancouver, British Columbia, where I attended the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM). I heard that more than 5,300 statisticians attended this year, including about 40 or so from SAS. I stayed busy. I gave a presentation on techniques for visualizing time series, gave a two-hour […]