SAS Press is heading to JMP Discovery Summit

In a little more than two weeks, I will be in one of my favorite places, San Diego, California, recruiting potential SAS Press authors at the JMP Discovery Summit, which will be held at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort and Spa from 14 September to 17 September 2015. I’m especially […]

Tips on mixing Grandpa McCafferty’s cough syrup: A statistically designed experiment

This tip is from Heath Rushing, coauthor of Design and Analysis of Experiments by Douglas Montgomery: A Supplement for Using JMP®. After a recent design of experiments (DOE) course, a student asked about experiments with dependent factors. Throughout the two days of training, we spent considerable time designing experiments to […]

Flip your intro stats course using "Practical Data Analysis with JMP"

Helping students to reason statistically is challenging enough without also having to provide in-class software instruction. “Practical Data Analysis with JMP, Second Edition” walks students through the process of analysis with JMP at their own speed at home, allowing faculty to devote class time to crucial or subtle statistical concepts […]

The Most Unusual Way You’ve Learned JMP

How do you learn best? In your sleep, when the unconscious mind is most receptive to suggestions? Calling to the “powers that be” for one of those “aha” moments when everything just sinks in? Swearing to your parents that you were actually studying when you came up with this plan? […]

Catch that lazy day read and make learning a breeze with two JMP books

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to grab a good book and relax in the hammock out back. And, if you’re like me, having a good read that can give me a leg up at work is a bonus – and these two books are perfect hammock reading.  While […]

10 new SAS books

Are any of these stellar books on your shopping list? Our 10 latest titles cover the spectrum from analytics to programming to statistics—and come from industry leaders, as well as top SAS and JMP experts. If you like to sample before you buy, you’ll find an accompanying free excerpt with […]

Data Preparation and Data Quality on the road: Ulm, Germany

Welcome to my new blog series Data Preparation (DP) and Data Quality (DQ) on the road. The main actors here are my two SAS books Data Preparation for Analytics Using SAS and Data Quality for Analytics Using SAS, which are allowed to accompany me to many conferences, SAS events, and […]

The business of book writing: Developing the concept with Chris Holland and Jack Shostak

Developing a new concept for a book can be daunting, but it can also be very rewarding. Think about The Little SAS Book. I bet Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche didn’t know they were stumbling on a huge hit when they created that format. I love to see authors create […]

SAS author's tip: Using JMP to conduct a significance test

This week's tip is from Robert Carver and his book Practical Data Analysis with JMP. If you're a JMP user, be sure to take a look at additional bonus content from the book. The following excerpt is from SAS Press author Robert Carver and his book "Practical Data Analysis with JMP". Copyright © 2010, SAS […]

12 bestselling SAS books of 2012

With their mass SAS appeal, these twelve books packed a powerful punch in 2012. From SAS and JMP basics to more advanced applications, to SAS certification, to business intelligence - these titles cover a range of users' interests. Did you use any of these titles this year? Do you have any predictions for popular book topics […]