There are no bad books. Seriously.

I have read maybe thousands of books over the past few decades. From classics to business books to young adult novels to some genres that shall indefinitely remain unnamed... And while I loathed some of these books, I can't really call any of them "bad." There is an audience for […]

Celebrating World Statistics Day Online

In honor of World Statistics Day, I've been asking fans of the SAS Publishing Facebook page questions about statistics for the last two weeks. We've received lots of fun and interesting responses which I'd like to share here on Open Mic. If you're interested in celebrating with us today, join […]

SAS Global Forum Goes Social - Take 2

My friend Meg Crawford wrote a great post yesterday previewing all the great social media activities planned for SAS Global Forum next month. Like Meg, it will be my first time attending SAS' biggest conference of the year and I couldn't be more excited to meet many of the customers […]

SAS Global Forum Goes Social

Contributed by Meg Crawford, Marketing Specialist, User & Customer Marketing Hi everyone! I'm Meg Crawford and I have a small and somewhat unhealthy obsession with social media. You may have seen me this year on Twitter as @Postgrad, on Facebook posting on the SAS Global Forum Fan Page, on LinkedIn, […]

Introducing a new video series

I've been working on a project for SAS Publishing that launched this week - a new video series featuring interviews with our authors and SAS experts. Some of you might already be familiar with our podcast series (soon to be on iTunes!), The Cover Story, hosted by my colleague Shelly […]

Connecting with fans

We talk a lot here about how we’re using social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook to publicize our books. I was a late comer to these applications and, like a lot of people of my generation, came to them with a high degree of skepticism. I won’t say […]

Welcome to SAS Publishing's Open Mic, the stage is yours

Publishing is a rapidly changing business. As technology continues to revolutionize the way we consume information, one thing seems to remain constant – “content is king.” SAS Publishing recognizes that our customers now carry Kindles, visit online discussion forums for solutions, edit wikis with sample code and ask programming questions […]