Documentation in motion: sometimes the best way to explain something is to show it

SAS takes pride in the award-winning documentation we produce. From books to on-line help to embedded user assistance, we deliver the words that help our users understand how to use SAS software. However, as SAS applications and interfaces have become more sophisticated and interactive, it’s become more difficult to convey […]

Bookstore reports from SAS Global Forum: day 2

Nine Publications colleagues describe their favorite moments of day two at SAS Global Forum. A paper, the SAS authors' dinner, SAS Visual Analytics, eBooks, documentation, attendees, and more made the list. Kathy Council – Vice President, Publications I’ve enjoyed two full days of conference activities and many meet-ups with attendees. Great folks! I […]

Documentation for high-performance analytics

We are surrounded by massive quantities of data, and somewhere in there is the information that your organization needs. But being able to perform complex analysis on huge amounts of data isn’t enough – the analysis needs to take place quickly enough for you to be able to act on […]

An unforgettable customer interaction

Bad customer service experiences burn into our brains, creating permanent recall. And although we rightfully expect good customer service across the board, truly exceptional customer care is also unforgettable. This month, I featured an interview with SAS Publishing sales representative Sharon Brandon in the new issue of SAS Publishing News. […]

Product Information at Your Fingertips!

Have you found the SAS Software Product pages yet? These pages centralize several different resources for products or solutions on the SAS support site. You get to them by selecting Knowledge Base -> SAS Software -> Product A-Z Listing. These Product pages have everything—the latest product news, a product definition, […]

Software Documentation Through the Ages

Contributed by Bruce L. Stegner, Ph.D One of my favorite lines from the old Laurel and Hardy movies was “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” This memory came to me as I was thinking about documentation today compared to pre personal computer days. This point of view […]

Distribution Opportunities in a Digital Age

I remember studying product distribution in my business classes at Colorado State. We learned about the role of manufacturing, distribution centers, and retail outlets, in moving goods from the factory to the consumer. The publishing industry was built on this model – with the added twist of selling distribution rights […]

A Technical Writer's 5 Habits to Remember

Contributed by Michael Harvey, Technical Writer, Publications In my previous post, I wrote that being successful as a technical writer meant being “technical” and a “writer.” I elaborated on what it meant to be “technical.” In this post, I say more about what it means to be a “writer.” As […]

SAS Global Forum is my Old Faithful

Contributed by Gary Meek, Director, Documentation Development My team at SAS has tried many different things to get customers to tell us how we can serve them better. We’ve contacted customers directly (with their permission), worked with other customer touch points at SAS like Technical Support, Professional Services, and Education. […]

On the Job: Getting Technical

Contributed by Michael Harvey, Technical Writer, Publications Having worked in the field of technical communication for over 20 years, I have given a lot of thought about what it takes to be a successful technical writer. It is as simple as the job title itself. You have to be “technical” […]