PROC CERTIFY's Final Top Ten List

Contributed by the PROC CERTIFY duo: Christine Kjellberg & Stacey Hamilton As the days draw closer to our certification exam, we’ve put together our top-ten list of things (PROC Certify–related) that we are very thankful for (drum roll please!): SAS Global Forum afforded us the opportunity to take a much […]

Character vs. Numeric

Contributed by Christine Kjellberg, Marketing Specialist and Joel Wilson, Systems Administrator As Stacey and I have mentioned in previous posts, we have expanded our study group to include another co-worker, Joel Wilson. The three of us meet weekly to review and discuss all things certification-related. Today’s installment of Open Mic […]

PROC CERTIFY: The Home Stretch

I am a big sports fan—sort of. I like to watch the last quarter of the football game, the final inning of the baseball game, the last day of the golf tournament. You get the idea. So you would think that the fact that we are less than two months […]

Reach for the stars

"Goals are dreams with deadlines." Diana Scharf Hunt If you had told me a year ago at this time that I was would be training for triathlons and studying for the Base SAS Certification test, I probably would have said you’re crazy. But, late last summer a good friend of […]


Contributed by Christine Kjellberg and Stacey Hamilton “It's know the end of something great is coming, but you want to hold on, just for one more second...just so it can hurt a little more.” --author unknown As interesting as this journey toward the certification exam has been, it—like all […]

INTCK and INTNK functions

This week’s assignment? Become masters of SAS Functions! Or at least understand the basics of the most popular ones. Chapter 14 is all about Transforming Data with SAS Functions. We decided to divide this chapter in half due to the length of the chapter and things in our study session […]

Combining Data Sets

This week Christine and I covered chapter 13, “Combining SAS Data Sets.” Most of this material was quite straightforward, and we did surprisingly well on the quiz at the end. But when we came together to discuss the chapter, we realized we both had had issues with one section: the […]

Wooah – We’re Halfway There!

For those of you who were growing up in the 80’s and listening to rock with hair that had been teased for hours on end and using an entire bottle of AquaNet in the process, and pant legs pegged so tight you had bruises around your ankles, that line should […]


Christine and I took the opportunity to slack off from our certification studying and blogging during SAS Global Forum. Not that we were actually in Seattle for the conference. But we used the relatively quiet time that resulted from nearly everyone being out of the office to catch up on […]

Two and Half Lost Concepts

As Stacey mentioned in her last blog post, she’s a fan of the television show Lost, as I am too. Often our final few minutes of study group will discuss the numerous theories regarding the Lost castaways and their island stories and sideways stories. For 5 minutes or so, it’s […]