Top 10 bestselling titles at SAS Global Forum 2015

The final figures are in! This year there was a fierce battle for the top spot of the SAS Global Forum 2015 books bestseller list. In a nail biting finish, newcomer, Exchanging Data between SAS and Microsoft Excel: Tips and Techniques to Transfer and Manage Data More Efficiently, beat off […]

3 reasons you need the new edition of PROC TABULATE by Example

What prompted me to find a co-author and write a new edition of my original book on PROC TABULATE? It’s those inventive developers at SAS. They keep adding new features to make the product even better.  There are too many new features and techniques in the book to name, but these are […]

Mobile devices in schools: Beyond “cool”

The ability to do things on the go – email, tweet, listen to a podcast, find a restaurant or ATM – are things we all do all the time, as adults. This instant access to the Internet and apps allows us to be more productive with our time and make […]

Is your personal language sabotaging you?

As an executive coach, I've worked with thousands of managers and business leaders whose personal language sabotaged their effectiveness at driving change, not to mention their day-to-day team management. For your Inner Leader to shine through, you need to master your personal language--your way of communicating your company’s goals and […]

So what’s the big data?

There’s a lot of excitement right now around the book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners by Jared Dean, SAS Senior Director of Research and Development. At SAS, Dean is responsible for the development of the company’s worldwide data mining solutions. His […]

SAS Author's Tip: Using SAS/GRAPH ActiveX Control

contributed by SAS Publishing's Shelly Goodin For me, SAS Global Forum wouldn't be the same without getting a chance to catch up with SAS Press author Phil Holland. Besides being extremely knowledgeable about SAS (he's been using it since 1981), he is as enterprising and approachable as his popular book […]

Wheeling and Dealing with SAS eBooks!

contributed by Sandy Varner, SAS Publishing Operations Manager We’ve been talking a lot lately about eBooks. I hope you’ve downloaded the FREE Kindle eBook What’s New in SAS 9.3. Now, we have two more eBook deals for you from SAS Publishing – one for JMP users and one for SAS […]

FREE eBook promotion for What's New in SAS 9.3

contributed by SAS Publishing's Shelly Goodin There's been a lot of excitement, inside and outside of SAS, about the recent release of SAS 9.3. And there is a wealth of useful information to keep you informed about the latest offerings. For instance, you can learn more about SAS 9.3 by […]

Having a SAS book on the Kindle

Anyone that keeps up with this blog knows that I'm quite fond of my SAS books. So the thought of having an electronic copy of a book seemed a bit daunting at first. But, while at PHARMSUG this past May, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a Kindle from […]

SAS Author's Tip: PLOT and PLOT2 Statements

contributed by SAS Publishing's Shelly Goodin This week's featured SAS Author's Tip is a no-brainer. With the summer heat wave in North Carolina reaching an almost unbearable level, it's cool to have Robert A. Rutledge's book Just Enough SAS on hand. This accessible guide quickly brings new SAS users up […]