Bend it like our BI Dashboard experts

Go USA! Go Germany! Go Mexico! Go Colombia! Wish you were still in it, England! That’s right, it’s World Cup time, and due to the international flavor of my family, I’ve got a number of teams I’m rooting for.

I played a little soccer (or “futbol” in our house) back in the day. I can’t say I was an expert (mediocre would be generous, really), but as I watch the games, I’m amazed at how easy the professionals make it look. Pure talent aside, imagine having a window into their knowledge of the game and the techniques they use.

You may not be able to learn from the professionals on the soccer field, but you can learn from some of the best SAS experts out there—SAS consultants.

With the new (free!) e-book, SAS Consulting® Services on SAS® BI Dashboard: Interaction Examples for Dashboard Designers, dashboard designers who have a good understanding of SAS BI Dashboard can learn how to improve their dashboards with more complex, customized features. In it, Global SAS Consultant Teri Patsilaras presents three examples that show how to build complex dashboards:

Part 1: A brush interaction example

Part 2: A client-side filter interaction example

Part 3: A server-side filter interaction example

Each of these examples blends together multiple features that ultimately produce powerful dashboards for your users.

Score a goal with an assist from SAS consultants: Get your free copy today.

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