Maintaining prompt selections in multiple Web Report Sections (v4.3)

SAS Technical Support has a wonderful how-to guide for using one set of prompt values across multiple sections of a Web Report Studio report. This works great in 4.2, however there is one additional item that I discovered in a 4.3/9.3 install. With the addition of PROC STP and SAS […]

Testing recommendations for SAS BI Dashboard & SAS Web Report Studio

With limited time and budget, you can still thoroughly test SAS reports built in SAS BI Dashboard and SAS Web Report Studio by considering how all the tools were used to build the end report. An understanding of the functionality within each part of the chain from raw data to […]

Selecting multiple individual dates in prompted reports

The date prompt from SAS Prompt Framework provides the options of single selection or a range, however what if you need to select multiple individual dates such as Monday (May 28), Wednesday (May 30), and Friday (June 1) of last week? There are a few alternatives to accomplishing this. Option […]

Link to a specific section of Web Report Studio

If you would like to link users to a specific section within a Web Report Studio report, there is a quick way to generate the URL. Just send yourself an email from Web Report Studio. A parameter &rsTS is included in the link which corresponds to the specific section selected. […]

Enabling OLAP drill-through to detail for web reports

I mentioned back in 2008 that Web Reports with OLAP source can drill-through to detail (or display the raw data records for the corresponding cross tabular cell) only after the source information map has drill-through to detail enabled. Well, there are several other areas that also could disable this capability […]

Building Identical Web Reports with Slight Filter Changes to Information Maps

I was presented with a design approach yesterday that included one web report duplicated multiple times for each group in the organization. Each web report then used essentially an identical information map with the difference of only a filter. Instead of using a single web report with a prompted filter (or copying the web […]

Allowing direct access to OLAP Cubes & Data Tables from Web Report Studio 4.3

New in 4.3, Web Report Studio users can directly report on data from OLAP cubes and data tables without the previously required information map. However, by default advanced users can only access OLAP cubes and information maps. Allowing direct access to data tables requires a change to user roles (defined […]

Letter to Web Report Studio users about mapping features

Dear Web Report Studio Users, Recently, the SAS Web Report Studio (WRS) design team has been re-evaluating the mapping features and functions offered to our customers in WRS. In order to ensure that we are meeting our customer’s mapping needs, we would like to invite you to participate in a […]

Don't waste time opening Web Report Studio reports with monthly/quarterly/yearly data!

SAS Web Report Studio 4.2 provides you an excellent interface to schedule reports to refresh, because why would you want the report to generate for every user every time they open the report when the data is only updating weekly/monthly/etc? During your design and development of these scheduled reports, consider […]

Unable to open excel files from SAS Web Report Studio

Was assisting an individual with an issue on the SAS Discussion Forum and we discovered why some users would not get the prompt to save/view excel content in excel rather than in the web browser. Essentially, the file type options were different for these users. This was causing users to […]