Go on a date with SAS BI Dashboard, part 2

Last week I provided the steps for how to go on a date, at least by using dynamic prompts in BI Dashboard. Now that you have seen how to create them, lets discuss making them smarter. For this example, the customer is asking for two prompts to affect a single […]

Go on a date with SAS BI Dashboard, part 1

Don’t give up on the dating game. Just because there is no prompt type specifically for dates, it can still be accomplished with some stored process matchmaking. BI Dashboard offers a dynamic prompt indicator which provides the ultimate flexibility in developing prompt based reports and dashboards. The dynamic prompt indicator […]

Use OLAP data sources from SAS Stored Processes

So are you now dreaming big? Coming up with other ideas for how SAS Stored Processes can be leveraged in your installation of SAS? As I mentioned in last week’s post, you could use OLAP cubes as a data source for your SAS Stored Process. Here is how I would […]

I have doubts

One of my new work friends says this frequently. But the statement is lost in his translation from Portuguese, it is not that he does not believe me, it is just that he has questions about how things happen so he can learn. I debate on which version of this […]

Code wizards make the magic happen

Wizard Harry Potter makes magic just waving his wand around and shouting out spells. Using SAS Enterprise Guide (and you are welcome to shout out your own commands too) you can create some magic, allowing the Stored Process Wizard to code for you. On Step 2, the “Include code for” […]

Any SAS program can become a SAS Stored Process

Questions (or search strings) lead people to my blog or my email box on a daily basis and many of these are related to what SAS Stored Processes can or cannot do. Can a SAS Stored Process query an RDBMS? Can a SAS Stored Process create a data table? Could […]

Where is the SAS code for that stored process?

Stored process code can exist within the metadata itself for version 9.3 (the benefits of which I discussed earlier). But for all other versions (and as a option in version 9.3) the SAS code is  stored as a .sas file within the server’s file system (or mapped folder/drive structure). When editing […]

Selecting multiple individual dates in prompted reports

The date prompt from SAS Prompt Framework provides the options of single selection or a range, however what if you need to select multiple individual dates such as Monday (May 28), Wednesday (May 30), and Friday (June 1) of last week? There are a few alternatives to accomplishing this. Option […]

Backup or copy all components of your stored process before making changes

What if you would like to make a copy of an existing stored process to test out your changes before making them live? The copy command is available from within  SAS Management Console or from the SAS Enterprise Guide Open Stored Process GUI as seen below (note you can only […]

Mobile is available for all SAS programmers

During the SAS Global Forum this past week, SAS offered several demos on mobile technology including: Michael Hecht, SAS, JMP iPad App Super Demo Chris Hemedinger hosted a Live Tech Talk on Tuesday that covered the new SAS Visual Analytics Explorer with demos on Microsoft Surface and iPad Apps Remember everyone is using mobile devices […]