Tired of typing domain/username to access SAS components?

The following option can be added to the Metadata Server to default users to a specific DOMAIN. This removes the requirement of using domainusername or username@domain formats for the username field.   -authproviderdomain (HOSTUSER:DOMAINNAME) I made this modification within the file: ..Lev1\SASMeta\MetadataServersasv9_usermods.cfg   In SAS Management Console, you must still […]

Open up File Level Security for the BI Dashboard Configuration

(SAS 9.2) To get the SAS BI Dashboard to work appropriately, the users who have Role level access to modify and create Dashboards MUST also have read/execute/write access to the BIDashboard configuration folder (example of this location: C:\SAS\EBIserver\Lev1\AppData\SASBIDashboard4.2) 1. SAS Management Console: The Group “BI Dashboard Administrators” by default is […]

PAM-enabled SAS Authentication - a caveat

We recently ran into a situation where a customer, with metadata and compute servers on Linux and mid-tier on windows, was trying to leverage the out-of-the-box Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) support of SAS 9.1.3. PAM allows SAS customers to keep their user management simple by granting users on a Linux […]

Addressing Multiple Authentication Accounts

In SAS Management Console, administrators have the ability to include multiple user authentication models (ie user name/pwd combinations) for a single Metadata user account in the ‘Accounts’ tab. Administrators would then organize these by the Authentication Domain definition in SAS Management Console. The ‘DefaultAuth’ is the initial account used (unless […]

Immediate Changes to Security for your SAS BI Installation

The initial installation of a SAS Metadata Server allows for all undefined (in SAS User Manager) users to have access. It is recommended (after testing the entire install & before deploying to the business) that the security defined in the ‘Users & Permissions’ tab of the Default ACT is modified […]

Default ACT vs Custom ACTs, How to save time and headaches!

If you are assigning special authorization for one SAS Object (Library, Folder, Server) to a specific User Group in SAS Management Console, using the Authorization Tab on that Object makes sense. However, if you have multiple SAS Objects to assign this special authorization to, it makes more sense to create […]

Stored Process - Pass through Authentication

In the past we’ve had a lot of issues with calling stored processes from the SAS Portal without being “re-prompted” for authentication. We’ve tested this approach out and it works. http://support.sas.com/kb/19/234.html (Submitted by Brian Miles, Zencos Consulting) tags: Administration, Business Intelligence, Security