ODS graphics in activeX

Using ActiveX in SAS graphics provides users with more functionality, options, and pretty colors than Jpeg, gif, etc (check out these examples). The issue is that ActiveX requires a device driver installed on the viewing machine, similar to Flash. In SAS 9.2, the sasgraph.exe is available within the SASWEB component deployed […]

Shared Prompts in SAS BI 9.2 ~ Modifying via EG 4.2

After mentioning the requirements in SAS Management Console to create and edit Shared Prompts (http://blogs.sas.com/content/bi/2009/09/24/creating-a-shared-prompt-for-multiple-imaps-and-stps-9-2/), I then came across functionality in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2. In the 'Server List', there is a small blue circle with a 1-2-3 and when you mouse over you will see 'Prompt Manager'. When adding […]

SAS 9.2 eLecture Offers from SAS.com

Get a jump start on your SAS 9.2 expeirence by attending some of the free (or cheap) training courses SAS has to offer. Check them out at: http://www.sas.com/apps/elearning/elearning_courses.jsp?cat=e-Lecture%20SAS%20Programming 1. SAS(R) 9.2 Session 1: New and Enhanced Procedures and Statements -- Free 2. SAS(R) 9.2 Session 2: The Macro Facility -- […]