Where is the Stored Process Alert Portlet (4.3)?

When looking to add the Stored Process Alert Process (useful to see whether processes run in the BACKGROUND were completed successfully) the specific portlet type is not on the list. No worries, it’s actually a personal portlet that is defined to present only YOUR stored process execution results. Therefore to locate […]

Stored Processes - bypassing double authentication

As I mentioned yesterday, some users create portal applications to bypass a second authentication step from the Portal to a Stored Process (via a URL Display Portlet). New in SAS 9.2, there is a STPRun directive that allows you to just complete one single step (create a URL display portlet) […]

Right Mouse Clicking in Stored Process and Portal Web Apps

In 9.2, the right-mouse click functionality is not available by default. To switch back to this (which for STP developers in a DEV environment is essential to our productivity), SAS has provided the following note: http://support.sas.com/kb/39/292.html As you can see, out-of-the-box, all SAS STP developers will need to do is […]

Portal page orders - using page rank (v9.2)

When pages are created, the author can choose the ‘rank’ which defines the order of tabs for users. (The default is 100.) However, users have the ability to view tabs in this manner or reorder for their viewing pleasure. These options are located within the menu ‘Options – Change Page […]

Using Web Report Studio rather than Web Report Viewer from SAS Portal

(Information Below for 9.1.3 Environments) To modify the Web Report component used from SAS Portal, modify the PortalContent.xml located in the Installation Folder (such as c:\Program Files\SAS\Web\Portal2.0.1\Portal\WEB-INF\content in windows) and then redeploy the Portal. (You can directly modify the same file in the Tomcat/webapps location, however modifying the installation folder […]

Favorite things about SAS Information Delivery Portal 4.2

SAS stated that the Information Map Portal hasn’t changed much since 9.1.3, but there are a couple of really well placed modifications. Included are my notes on the benefits of moving to Portal 4.2: No xythos – using SAS Content Server now Sticky Pages renamed to Persistent Additional Reference: What’s […]

Removing "User Home" Page from Information Delivery Portal

RemovePageTemplate.sas in /Portal/OMR Modify parameters at the beginning of the program. After submitting the sas code, the default home page is removed. tags: Business Intelligence, Portal