Cleaner OLAP cube physical folder structures

Each spring and fall, I start clearing out the kid’s small clothes, old toys, etc. It can sometimes go too far and reach into my “digital pack-rat” issues. (Wait, what does that mean? Well, just ask the person who last week requested detail on a project I worked 3 years […]

Use OLAP data sources from SAS Stored Processes

So are you now dreaming big? Coming up with other ideas for how SAS Stored Processes can be leveraged in your installation of SAS? As I mentioned in last week’s post, you could use OLAP cubes as a data source for your SAS Stored Process. Here is how I would […]

Selecting multiple individual dates in prompted reports

The date prompt from SAS Prompt Framework provides the options of single selection or a range, however what if you need to select multiple individual dates such as Monday (May 28), Wednesday (May 30), and Friday (June 1) of last week? There are a few alternatives to accomplishing this. Option […]

Change your passwords without locking out your connection

Did you change your LinkedIn password yesterday? (If you didn’t, you should!) But did it happen to be the same as your corporate password? First, tisk tisk. Second, change your corporate password NOW! Ok, now that this is done ~ don’t let your saved connection profile for SAS applications lock […]

To be or not to be, testing your cube's existence

Unlike BASE SAS tables, OLAP cubes must exist in within the metadata in order to access from any of the OLAP Viewers. In addition to having some metadata OLAP cubes have a physical file structure presence (at least for MOLAP/HOLAP because it’s a different story for ROLAP). When you refresh […]

Skipping through OLAP to find your value

One of the cool things with SAS OLAP Viewer in Add-in to Microsoft Office is your ability to skip right into a specific value. Out of the box, viewing OLAP cubes can lead you to believe that in order to view a specific value you need to click-thru a hierarchy […]

Best practices for refreshing production OLAP cubes

Unlike prior versions of SAS OLAP technology, 9.2 provides more options for maintaining and refreshing OLAP cubes. With this comes some discussion about what each one does alone, and how pairing these techniques really provides SAS OLAP Server Administrators and cube developers a cornucopia of OLAP options. PROC OLAPOPERATE Remember […]

Building custom measures for OLAP cubes

In one minute (and 10 seconds, but are you measuring that?) you can add a custom measure (also known as calculated members) to your OLAP cube. Watch this video to create a simple calculation multiplying units * price. Remember that this mechanism is not just used for multiplications, you can […]

OLAP users can fall into the abyss of detail data

OLAP cube developers might have noticed that the amount of time required to generate any aggregation (including the NWAY) can negatively impact their productivity. Developers remove the NWAY aggregation (following the sample screens in a prior post) to significantly reduce build time and allow quick modifications to the cube definition. […]

Limit the number of drill-through to detail records available from OLAP cubes

Drill-through to detail is the ability to right click within a cell of a web report or OLAP viewer and request the detail source records that make up that specific cell’s measure. The maximum number of records, by default, is set to 300,000. Feasibly the report user could download all […]