Mobile is available for all SAS programmers

During the SAS Global Forum this past week, SAS offered several demos on mobile technology including: Michael Hecht, SAS, JMP iPad App Super Demo Chris Hemedinger hosted a Live Tech Talk on Tuesday that covered the new SAS Visual Analytics Explorer with demos on Microsoft Surface and iPad Apps Remember everyone is using mobile devices […]

What's that color?

There are times when I’m looking for the right color to highlight an item or otherwise make output beautiful. As a result, I am always struggling to find good colors to use in my output. SAS Support to the rescue. They have created a program that displays the 256 colors […]

ODS Style Manager not readily available? Use this tip from SAS Support:

Another Guest Post from Tricia Aanderud, SAS Programmer Extraordinaire! Here’s a hint from the SAS Support site that shows you how to see all the installed templates. If you don’t have SAS EG, this code allows you to quickly see the different styles. Also – it can serve as a […]

ODS EMAIL output - When text/html doesn't work use MSOFFICE2k tagsets

Guest Post from Tricia Aanderud, SAS Programmer Extraordinaire (meaning she’s BASE SAS Certified and an awesome programmer!) When I send ODS HTML email to Outlook 2007, it is ugly. After a lot of research, I finally found the answer on the SAS Support site. If you use ODS HTML – […]

Discovering the power of ODS ExcelXP tagsets

The ODS ExcelXP tagset is pretty powerful stuff. Hidding columns, changing the print layout to landscape, updating the spreadsheet names, defining the default column width and row height, etc – it’s all available using options within the ExcelXP setup. So the best thing to do is grab some documentation. Fortunetly, […]