GEO Dimensions in OLAP Cubes

I've written about this topic before, but find that more people are interested in how this works. Hoping to provide more detail below. Let me know if I missed anything! When using the 'GEO' dimension type in SAS OLAP Cubes, users will not see anything new unless the OLAP cube […]

Mapping ESRI Style

The SAS Business Intelligence suite includes the ability to map data via the ESRI Map Service within various web clients (and even Enterprise Guide). Steps: Create an ESRI Map via ArcMap Publish to ArcGIS Server via ArcCatalog Define a New Map Service in SAS Management Console Set a cube dimension as […]

Proc Geocode is available in SAS 9.2 (Otherwise know as what I learned at SESUG09 & will immediately utilize Wednesday.)

While working on a SAS OLAP and ESRI project, I was asked about geocoding addresses. Fortunately, Jeff Phillips, one of the SAS presenters at SESUG09 gave a talk about PROC GEOCODE. In SAS 9.2, street addresses can be given x/y coordinates via the geocode procedure using the 5 or 9 […]