Editing .sas source code repository from 9.3 SAS Management Console

As I have previously mentioned, SAS 9.3 has some sweet new functionality for stored processes. The topic of the prior post was on storing .sas code for the stored process directly within the metadata and how to edit/access that raw code. Did you know that the ‘Edit Source Code’ button […]

Edit your shared prompts

Creating shared prompts to use across the various BI clients requires the use of SAS Management Console’s stored process wizard. Editing these prompts after they have been shared requires some forethought. The important thing to consider when making any changes to a prompt’s properties is the impact these changes could […]

Get organized at least in the metadata

New in 9.2, SAS Folders are used to organize the metadata around various content and BI objects. I wrote about this many moons ago but the subject still comes up as more customers get started with the Business Intelligence architecture.  As you can see in the initial SAS Folder structure, […]

Moving OLAP cubes (Part 2 - management has all the options)

As mentioned in my previous post, there is the need to move OLAP cubes around. Switching to one schema to another via SAS OLAP Cube Studio is straightforward enough, but what if you need to move it from one Business Intelligence Environment to another (a Development BI Server to a […]

Metadata Backup Utility via SAS 9.2 Management Console

A user who is a member of the “SAS Administrators” group and has been granted the role “Management Console: Advanced” can create a Metadata Backup job via SAS 9.2 Management Console. Right Click on ‘Backup and Restore’ Task under ‘Metadata Utilities’. Then select the Backup task created and choose either […]

Configuration Manager Plugin for SAS Management Console 9.2

Included are several of the key elements of the new Configuration Manager Plugin that I heart. 1. Modifying the Web Connection Information One of the MAIN items I love about the new version is the ability to modify the configuration of the Web Applications WITHOUT redeploying all the war files. You […]

A Paradigm Shift: 'Folders' Tab in Management Console 9.2

There is a Paradigm Shift waiting for SAS Administrators in the new SAS Management Console environment. The new ‘Folders’ tab … But honestly, the changes have some STRONG benefits! We just have to change our process for defining and managing the metadata. In prior versions, SAS was a singular list […]

Addressing Multiple Authentication Accounts

In SAS Management Console, administrators have the ability to include multiple user authentication models (ie user name/pwd combinations) for a single Metadata user account in the ‘Accounts’ tab. Administrators would then organize these by the Authentication Domain definition in SAS Management Console. The ‘DefaultAuth’ is the initial account used (unless […]

Creating a Shared Prompt for Multiple IMAPs and STPs (9.2)

Within SAS 9.2 you can now create shared prompts to use across information maps and stored processes. To get to the Shared Prompt capability from SAS Management Console: Move to Folders Tab Create Stored Process enter ‘dummy’ data for STP screens until you arrive at the Parameter Entry Screen. On […]