Increasing the web timeout intervals

I’ve been spending my weekends developing a SAS Publishing book proposal. (For those interested, it involves learning how to fully leverage SAS Stored Processes as a beginning programmer.) Creating examples and jumping between coding, testing and then writing about everything, I have had a heck of a time with my […]

Need a place to put other web viewable files?

What if you need someplace to store static files for web consumption. Things that might come to mind: Images HTML Static Title Pages JavaScript PDF Documentation (such as how-to instructions) An ideal place would be a HTML server, since these aren’t active files. However in a standard 9.2 installation, there […]

Configuration Manager Plugin for SAS Management Console 9.2

Included are several of the key elements of the new Configuration Manager Plugin that I heart. 1. Modifying the Web Connection Information One of the MAIN items I love about the new version is the ability to modify the configuration of the Web Applications WITHOUT redeploying all the war files. You […]

Open up File Level Security for the BI Dashboard Configuration

(SAS 9.2) To get the SAS BI Dashboard to work appropriately, the users who have Role level access to modify and create Dashboards MUST also have read/execute/write access to the BIDashboard configuration folder (example of this location: C:\SAS\EBIserver\Lev1\AppData\SASBIDashboard4.2) 1. SAS Management Console: The Group “BI Dashboard Administrators” by default is […]

jBoss performance improvement

BI/EBI SAS deployed Web Applications actually are .ear files residing in the deploy_sas folder of jBoss. This could create a delay in reboot time if memory on the server is limited. Included are the steps to deploy these .ear files into full folders that dramatically improve the restart time of […]

jBoss Issue Related to Excessive Debugging in Logs

New jBoss installs might store excessive logging due to a malformed comment in that threw JBoss into a debug state on startup. There was a comment tag in the jboss-log4j.xml file something like !– ————-Add new line here à All of the additional hyphens were causing the SASServer1 to […]

jBoss to IIS Connections

You can utilize IIS on your standard web server to connect to the jBoss SAS Installation. There are three steps that must be followed to the T: 1. On IIS Machine A. Create a file location for the dll and properties files. (This location via be referenced via a virtual […]