Verifying a SAS BI installation

After installing SAS Business Intelligence, I would also suggest verifying that all is working appropriately before adding users or importing content from another machine. (My template checklist is included below.) The act of creating the content is an extremely important test (to immediately rectify issues with accessing data, or saving […]

Super Important Tip on Upgrading from 4.2 to 4.2 Add-in to MS Office

When upgrading from an existing 4.2 client install of SAS Add-in to MS Office, you are not prompted to enable the Outlook portion of the Add-in. As SAS points out in the KB Post, there is a 'Switcher Utility' available in the client install. When running this, I would […]

Create an alt loc for your SAS 9.2 installation setup files

During your installation, you can utilize a separate location to store the installation temporary files. The -datalocation option must be defined in the command line with setup.exe. The resulting files include: as well as: Local Settings\Application Data\SAS\SASDeploymentWizard\9.2\Bootstrap.log tags: Business Intelligence, Installations

SAS 9.2 Maintenance Release 2 (Windows tip based on 'oops' experience)

Please note, that the most recent (released October 2009) SAS Maintenance Release for 9.2 requires a manual step in Windows to restart Remote Services the first time after completing the installation. (Figured I missed something bad when we got nasty errors after redeploying our SAS web applications.) "you must restart […]

Navigating the BI Client Tools

(SESUG2009 Paper Preview) As I mentioned so many years ago (check my 2005 post out "The great analogy of SAS BI Products"), SAS offers a wide range of products for various users to get what they need and do what they must do. Due to this, I relate the various […]

Migration Utility for EG 4.2 and Add in to MS Office (Part 2 of 2)

Would you like to make the Migration Utility easier to use for your users? There is a MappingInformation.xml file which can assist by completing the maps from old to new items (libraries, file references, information map locations, stored processes, etc) on pg 5 of the MigrationWizard.exe. In order to implement […]

Migration Utility for EG 4.2 and Add in to MS Office (Part 1 of 2)

When you open a 4.1 EG Project in 4.2, Enterprise Guide converts the project on it's own. However, if you have had modifications in the SAS 9.2 Metadata (such as with servers (such as moving from SASMain to SASApp), libraries (SASUSER to WORK), information map folders, or stored process file locations how can […]

Windows Installation Anywhere But The C: Drive?

You might notice that after completing a SAS installation with all prompted locations pointing to a 'non-standard' drive such as D or E, that there are still some files installed at the c:\program files\sas location. These are related to the JRE. There are currently no prompts for where this should […]

Notes on the SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.2 Migration Utility

I have submitted a SAS User Group paper for the Seattle Conference in 2010 but thought I'd go ahead and provide a couple of quick notes for those of you going ahead with it now :) If default authorization, small number of users & databases, no BI content (WRS, InfoMaps, […]

Favorite Things about the SAS 9.2 EBI and BI Installations

After completing several SAS 9.2 BI and EBI installations, I must profess my love for the improvements: greener! - cds shipped by customer request only, default is Electronic Download faster! less manual steps fewer system user accounts many more sample plans available for more 'standard' installs significant reduction in post-install […]