I have doubts

One of my new work friends says this frequently. But the statement is lost in his translation from Portuguese, it is not that he does not believe me, it is just that he has questions about how things happen so he can learn. I debate on which version of this […]

Change your passwords without locking out your connection

Did you change your LinkedIn password yesterday? (If you didn’t, you should!) But did it happen to be the same as your corporate password? First, tisk tisk. Second, change your corporate password NOW! Ok, now that this is done ~ don’t let your saved connection profile for SAS applications lock […]

Using Stored Processes to Improve Information Maps

Integrating Stored Processes into Information Maps can improve process performance as well as provide extra flexibility and complete query generation control. In order to showcase how powerful this combination is, I am presenting this topic during a SAS Talks webinar session this Thursday, December 16th. The scope of the example will […]

CASE statement syntax in Information Map Studio

CASE statements are a powerful mechanism in SQL code to analysis, recode, etc data. In Information Map Studio, you can utilize this CASE statement via the Expression Editor Window. Create a new data item and click edit in the 'Expression Settings' area. From the Categories - CASE operator folder, there […]

Capitalize the 1st letter - or better yet not

So you are viewing your SAS Web Report and find that all the data elements capitalizations have changed - instead of no caps or all caps, everything is prop cap (or at least PROPCASE). This is actually a default option in Information Map Studio. To turn it off, select Tools […]

Grey'd out 'Get Values' button in Web Report Studio filters

So we are in Web Report Studio, need to create a filter, can't remember the values and want to see them to select them, but the 'Get Values' button is grey'd out? Argh! All that is required is a simple modification to the Information Map. If you go to the […]

Improve Web Report Studio performance by carefully choosing processing locations

Information Map Studio allows data managers the ability to join tables, create new data elements, and label/format data items for business consumption. However due to this flexibility users must weigh the benefits of customizing information maps against the performance impacts of completing many of these tasks within the Information Map […]

Parameterized date filters in Information Maps 4.2

The 4.2 version of SAS Information Map Studio provides data managers with the ability to create a dynamic filter based on dates. This is extremely valuable for things such as daily reports. Included below is an example of a new filter that is built off a date formatted data item. […]

Using custom formats in Information Map Studio 4.2

The easiest option is to simply move your 9.2 format catalog to Lev1/SASApp/SASEnvironment/SASFormats/formats.sas7bcat. But you can also modify your SASv9.cfg configuration file to point to a different location: -set fmtlib1 "E:\sharedformats" -fmtsearch (fmtlib1.formats) So e:\sharedformats is a shared location for the format catalog, and formats (filename formats.sas7bcat) is the name […]

Information Map Studio 4.2 - Something to love!

Bulk editing of multiple data elements An example of this is when you have 10 items that are numerical and therefore are set to allow measures, but should be classified as categorical (such as serial numbers and ids), you can select all of these values, now you can in one […]