Sync everything up, at least between EG & metadata

From an Enterprise Guide user's perspective, a SAS library is a library. Whether it was defined in the autoexec or in the metadata or by magic, it is there for them to use with no issues. However, there is a difference as metadata defined libraries do not behave in the […]

Always learning something new, two awesome Enterprise Guide tricks

Who says anyone is an expert at something? I definitely do not when it comes to SAS (well, anything for that matter). Each time I sit through a presentation at a conference I learn something new. During the SAS Western Users Conference, fondly know as WUSS, this month I learned […]

Code wizards make the magic happen

Wizard Harry Potter makes magic just waving his wand around and shouting out spells. Using SAS Enterprise Guide (and you are welcome to shout out your own commands too) you can create some magic, allowing the Stored Process Wizard to code for you. On Step 2, the "Include code for" […]

Change your passwords without locking out your connection

Did you change your LinkedIn password yesterday? (If you didn’t, you should!) But did it happen to be the same as your corporate password? First, tisk tisk. Second, change your corporate password NOW! Ok, now that this is done ~ don’t let your saved connection profile for SAS applications lock […]

Why code when %_eg_WhereParam does the work for you?

After unwittingly getting involved recently in a code vs GUI discussion another pro GUI vote came in yesterday when presenting to a customer's internal user group. When creating and using prompts in SAS Enterprise Guide, it is a no-brainer to recommend leveraging the %_eg_WhereParam as it handles all the special […]

Use SAS Enterprise Guide to quickly understand a new data set

During IFSUG yesterday, Sunil Gupta gave attendees to his presentation a special homework assignment. Look into the SAS Enterprise Guide task 'Characterize Data'. Sunil suggested that this was a simple approach to quickly getting a summary of all the variables within your data table. Of course, some programmers will use […]

Revisiting the starting file location for Enterprise Guide

Years ago and a seemingly far galaxy away, I wrote about how to modify 9.1.3 to start Enterprise Guide users in a different location for the File folder. By default, the user only can access their personal SAS Temporary File. Why change this? I would prefer to use a central […]

Tip on creating graphic files in specific locations

When trying to write out graphics to a specific filename location, the gsfname option is only honored when ODS LISTING is turned on and ODS HTML is turned off. This is especially important in 9.3 Base SAS as the ODS HTML option is the default output destination. Enterprise Guide users […]

Enterprise Guide 4.3.1 and 9.3 Stored Processes

Chris mentions in his FAQ post on 9.3 and Enterprise Guide that the new stored processes and other new metadata can not leverage all of the functionality in the new 9.3 release.  EG is nice to remind us of that fact when we open the SAS Folders view with the […]

Making OLAP Drill Through to Detail Data Available as Dataset in EG Project

In order to make the OLAP drill through data available as data tables in the Enterprise Guide, all you need to do is change the option to automatically insert the results as a data set in the project. This is extremely useful if part of your workflow includes navigating through […]