Alternative Method for Accessing SAS Framework Data Server Content

Back in 2011, I wrote about the all new SAS Framework Data Server in 9.3 and how it needs to be running for certain web applications to function properly. But it is actually used as the data storage device for multiple SAS components including webdav content, alerts, comments, and workflows. […]

Sync everything up, at least between EG & metadata

From an Enterprise Guide user’s perspective, a SAS library is a library. Whether it was defined in the autoexec or in the metadata or by magic, it is there for them to use with no issues. However, there is a difference as metadata defined libraries do not behave in the […]

Make a commitment and swim, bike, run with it

Over the past six months, my free time was devoted to training. This impacted my blog posting frequency but the training helped me successfully complete the inaugural Raleigh Ironman 70.3 in June. When thinking back through how this happened, I noticed many parallels to successfully implementing software for organizations. If […]

Maintaining prompt selections in multiple Web Report Sections (v4.3)

SAS Technical Support has a wonderful how-to guide for using one set of prompt values across multiple sections of a Web Report Studio report. This works great in 4.2, however there is one additional item that I discovered in a 4.3/9.3 install. With the addition of PROC STP and SAS […]

Cleaner OLAP cube physical folder structures

Each spring and fall, I start clearing out the kid’s small clothes, old toys, etc. It can sometimes go too far and reach into my “digital pack-rat” issues. (Wait, what does that mean? Well, just ask the person who last week requested detail on a project I worked 3 years […]

So many autoexecs; three tips for BI administrators

BASE SAS users are already familiar with the autoexec file. This is a .sas file that typically resides in the installation folder of the SAS executable. Instructions for setting it up in UNIX, Windows, and other environments is readily available on the SAS website. In SAS BI configurations there are […]

Verifying a SAS BI installation

After installing SAS Business Intelligence, I would also suggest verifying that all is working appropriately before adding users or importing content from another machine. (My template checklist is included below.) The act of creating the content is an extremely important test (to immediately rectify issues with accessing data, or saving […]

Go on a date with SAS BI Dashboard, part 2

Last week I provided the steps for how to go on a date, at least by using dynamic prompts in BI Dashboard. Now that you have seen how to create them, lets discuss making them smarter. For this example, the customer is asking for two prompts to affect a single […]

Go on a date with SAS BI Dashboard, part 1

Don’t give up on the dating game. Just because there is no prompt type specifically for dates, it can still be accomplished with some stored process matchmaking. BI Dashboard offers a dynamic prompt indicator which provides the ultimate flexibility in developing prompt based reports and dashboards. The dynamic prompt indicator […]

Always learning something new, two awesome Enterprise Guide tricks

Who says anyone is an expert at something? I definitely do not when it comes to SAS (well, anything for that matter). Each time I sit through a presentation at a conference I learn something new. During the SAS Western Users Conference, fondly know as WUSS, this month I learned […]