Go on a date with SAS BI Dashboard, part 2

Last week I provided the steps for how to go on a date, at least by using dynamic prompts in BI Dashboard. Now that you have seen how to create them, lets discuss making them smarter. For this example, the customer is asking for two prompts to affect a single […]

Go on a date with SAS BI Dashboard, part 1

Don't give up on the dating game. Just because there is no prompt type specifically for dates, it can still be accomplished with some stored process matchmaking. BI Dashboard offers a dynamic prompt indicator which provides the ultimate flexibility in developing prompt based reports and dashboards. The dynamic prompt indicator […]

Defining a custom color palette for BI Dashboard bar charts

Out of the box, the simple bar graph uses the same color for each bar. A frequent request from users is to define a standard color palette for the dashboard indicators so distinct bars are the same color in each indicator or from refresh to refresh. With most dashboard tricks, […]

Testing recommendations for SAS BI Dashboard & SAS Web Report Studio

With limited time and budget, you can still thoroughly test SAS reports built in SAS BI Dashboard and SAS Web Report Studio by considering how all the tools were used to build the end report. An understanding of the functionality within each part of the chain from raw data to […]

What does it take to be a BI Dashboard Reporter?

At the IFSUG conference this week in Cary, NC I met Stephen Harris from Bank of America. Stephen gave the talk "Manage Your Partners Before You Manage Your Dashboards: Designing Great Dashboards" covering the business aspects of successfully implementing dashboards. When you back up for a second to consider the […]

SAS BI Dashboard: It's all in a name

When developing content in SAS BI Dashboard, such as indicators, ranges, and dashboards, knowing how to name them is pretty important. If changes are required later (for instance to improve the administrators capability of partial promoting content) much more work is required to ensure the links between the objects isn't […]

Promoting SAS BI Dashboard content

If you are unable to export BI Dashboard Content the BI Dashboard Logical types was not installed on the system running SAS Management Console. Update this by following these steps Run the software install from the SAS Depot (mine is located at C:\SAS Software Depot\setup.exe) Select ‘Install Additional Software’ Then […]

Dynamic dashboard ranges - its all in the data

Business Problem: The traffic lighting (red/green/yellow) range is different for one group/category than the others but the indicator needs to include all group values. Recommendation: It's all in the data. Here is an example. For the Candy_Sales_Summary data (located in the EG Sample Data folder) there are three groups of […]

Editing and removing dashboard indicator frames

In BI Dashboard 4.3, you have the ability to edit or entirely remove the frame around an indicator. When in the dashboard edit screen, select the indicator and on the right hand side update the Object name with the frame title to display. When viewing this indicator from the Portal […]

Removing the Object Names from the BI Dashboard

Each indicator added to the dashboard begins with the saved name of the indicator. Take the example below, I dragged the spark table indicator '02_Top_CustomerSAT' into the new dashboard. Of course the 02_Top_CustomerSAT name is not necessarily what my executives would like to see on their dashboard view. But I […]