And the difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is ...

After some discussion with SAS Product Marketing yesterday, we devised this response to everyone's question about the Business Analytic differentiator that SAS provides. ********************************************************************************************************* Business Intelligence is one of the key components from SAS that ties into a suite of analytic techniques, information handling and performance infrastructures needed to deliver […]

Real time analytics take aways

My last blog post about the Analytics Camp 2010 conference relates to Farhad Islam's talk about "Real-Time Analytics, Getting results when you need it". Farhad proposed that changes must occur not only at the Business Intelligence vendor level, but also to both operating systems and hardware to increase response time of analytical requests. […]

Content analytics 'All Abouts'

During the Analytics Camp 2010 event last weekend, I attended Manya Mayes presentation on Text Analytics. I noted two 'All Abouts' that affect any content analysis being completed. No, not the Girl Scout Cookies, but what really ensures successful analysis of content. And by content, I mean any non-numeric, non-standard context, which […]