Skipping through OLAP to find your value

One of the cool things with SAS OLAP Viewer in Add-in to Microsoft Office is your ability to skip right into a specific value. Out of the box, viewing OLAP cubes can lead you to believe that in order to view a specific value you need to click-thru a hierarchy […]

Complete your order using preview results in SAS Add-in to MS Office

Recently I’ve made several online purchases buying eBooks for the new Amazon Kindle my daughter received as a holiday gift. The online checkout process is very straight-forward, especially with the ‘Continue’ buttons that change to a ‘Place your order’ button on the final step. Did you know that the same […]

Super Important Tip on Upgrading from 4.2 to 4.2 Add-in to MS Office

When upgrading from an existing 4.2 client install of SAS Add-in to MS Office, you are not prompted to enable the Outlook portion of the Add-in. As SAS points out in the KB Post, there is a ‘Switcher Utility’ available in the client install. When running this, I would […]

Favorite Things about SAS 9.2 Add-in to MS Office

Have you seen the new SAS Add-in to MS Office? There are new features worth pointing out & hopefully this will help convince you that now is the time to switch! In SAS Management Console, three built in security roles have been estabilished to accurately assign functionality per user or group. […]

Analyzing Local Excel Data via SAS Addin to MS Office

With local data highlighted in Microsoft Excel, you can then “Copy to SAS Server” to run SAS analytical tasks. The menu bar (‘SAS’ -> ‘Active Data’ -> ‘Copy to SAS Server’) is also the image below: SAS provides a knowledge base entry at: to show how this can be done with a […]

Go with the Maintenance Release When Moving to New Add in to MS Office (9.2)

If you are heavy Add-in to MS Office users and are looking to upgrade to SAS 9.2, now is the time! The new maintenance release of SAS provides a much needed fix for Add-in to MS Office. Found that in the last release (TS2M0), Add in users were unable to […]