The things I missed at #SASGF12

Unfortunately, my clone attempt didn't work like Chris Hemedinger's did. With all my papers, presentations, and demo hall duties, I realized yesterday that I certainly missed a lot.

Included is my to-do list for items to watch and catch up on this weekend.

  1. Not really sure how I missed the Technology Session, thankfully I can watch this recording first!
  2. Since I only had time to attend two user submitted presentations, I should check out the pre-recorded Take Out Sessions.
  3. One friend recommended that I check out "Beyond Star Schema: Exploring the Next Query Generation with the SAS® Enterprise BI Server" 033-2012 describes Information Map improvements for 9.3
  4. A former customer suggested that "Using SAS® to Move Data between Servers" 116-2012 was a great paper to review as it covers multiple mechanisms to move data between systems.
  5. 392-2012 covered Hadoop Integration
  6. 397-2012 discussed Proc DS2
  7. One user wrote about the SAS Function Compiler (PROC FCMP) & Sudoku, which is a game I have also used for SAS examples.

What did you miss last week at #SASGF12 and are planning to review in the next couple days/weeks?

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  1. Waynette Tubbs Waynette Tubbs
    Posted April 27, 2012 at 12:40 pm | Permalink

    If you are going to read about Hadoop Integration, also take a look at this interview about Accessing Hadoop through DI Studio ( and this one where Paul Kent talks about SAS access to Hadoop (
    Too much to do in just one weekend! Take your time.

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