Summary of new features in SAS/IML 12.1


I enjoy blogging about new functionality in the SAS/IML language because I can go into more depth and provide more complicated examples than the SAS/IML documentation. Today's article is a summary of all of my posts about features that were added to SAS/IML 12.1, which shipped in August 2012 as part of SAS 9.3m2. For complete details of all 12.1 features, see the documentation chapter "What's New in SAS/IML 12.1."

New SAS/IML functions and subroutines

I have blogged about the following functions that were added in SAS/IML 12.1:

The only SAS/IML 12.1 function that I have not blogged about is the DIMENSION function, which returns a 1 x 2 vector whose elements are the number of rows and columns, respectively, of a matrix. In other words, dimension(A) is equivalent to the expression (nrow(A) || ncol(A)). There! Now I've blogged about all SAS/IML 12.1 functions!

Enhancements to the SAS/IML syntax

There were several enhancements and language improvements in SAS/IML 12.1. Here are the ones that I have blogged about:

It can be hard to keep up with enhancements to SAS software. Hopefully this reference page will be a useful to SAS/IML users who are upgrading their version of SAS.


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