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I just got back from a great conference in San Diego at the 2010 meeting of the Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) where I gave several presentations on PROC IML and SAS/IML Studio.

If you didn't make it to San Diego, you can still read my 2010 paper on SAS/IML software and hear me speak on SAS/IML Studio through the wonder of the SAS TALKS Webinar Series. Viewing the webinar is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Navigate to my presentation: An Introduction to SAS/IML Studio.
  2. Click View Now and confirm your SAS Profile information. (Or fill out a profile if you have not previously registered yourself on the SAS Web site.),
  3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentation.

I believe that the same SAS profile also enables you to post questions to the SAS Discussion Forums, including the SAS/IML discussion forum.


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Rick Wicklin

Distinguished Researcher in Computational Statistics

Rick Wicklin, PhD, is a distinguished researcher in computational statistics at SAS and is a principal developer of SAS/IML software. His areas of expertise include computational statistics, simulation, statistical graphics, and modern methods in statistical data analysis. Rick is author of the books Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software and Simulating Data with SAS.

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