Video: What's new in SAS/IML 13.1


SAS/IML 13.1 shipped a few months ago. I was asked to produce a video that highlights some of the new features in SAS/IML 13.1. In this video I describe several changes to the language before introducing the new built-in subroutines that create ODS statistical graphs.

If your browser does not support embedded video, you can go directly to the video on YouTube. For more details, see "What's New in SAS/IML 13.1" in the SAS/IML User's Guide.

By the way, did you know that there is a SAS Statistics and Operations channel on YouTube that contains dozens of videos? Many of the videos are of presentations given by SAS staff at conferences such as SAS Global Forum. Enjoy!


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Rick Wicklin

Distinguished Researcher in Computational Statistics

Rick Wicklin, PhD, is a distinguished researcher in computational statistics at SAS and is a principal developer of SAS/IML software. His areas of expertise include computational statistics, simulation, statistical graphics, and modern methods in statistical data analysis. Rick is author of the books Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software and Simulating Data with SAS.

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