Where's Rick? How to find me at SAS Global Forum 2012


SAS Global Forum 2012 is right around the corner. If you will be in Orlando, too, be sure to say hello! If you have ideas for improving SAS/IML software or you would like to discuss my blog, please visit me during my hours at the SAS/IML booth in the Demo Hall. I'll be bored and lonely if no one comes by!

Here's where you can find me:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

  • 1:30 PM–1:45 PM: Super Demo: "Calling SAS procedures from the SAS/IML language." Find out how easy it is to call a SAS procedure, DATA step, or macro from within a SAS/IML program. (Demo Hall: Super Demo Station 2: Analytics I)
  • 02:00 PM–04:00 PM: BOOTH DUTY (Demo Hall; Advanced Analytics/Statistics area)
  • 06:00 PM–07:30 PM: BOOTH DUTY during SAS Mixer (Demo Hall; Advanced Analytics/Statistics area)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

  • 02:30 PM–04:00 PM: BOOTH DUTY (Demo Hall; Advanced Analytics/Statistics area)
  • 06:00 PM–08:00 PM: Meetup: SAS-L + sasCommunity.org + SAS Discussion Forums (Northern Hemisphere E-1)

About Author

Rick Wicklin

Distinguished Researcher in Computational Statistics

Rick Wicklin, PhD, is a distinguished researcher in computational statistics at SAS and is a principal developer of SAS/IML software. His areas of expertise include computational statistics, simulation, statistical graphics, and modern methods in statistical data analysis. Rick is author of the books Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software and Simulating Data with SAS.


  1. Chris Hemedinger
    Chris Hemedinger on

    Rick, you are busy! I hope to see you at the SAS Press Author's dinner.

    I was just assembling my own schedule for the conference. It's going to be busier than I thought. I've also got a Super Demo (on Windows PowerShell) on Monday at 1:30, so you and I will be competing for mindshare. I'll have to plan some gimmick, perhaps juggling chainsaws.

      • Hello, Rick. I just read your post on orthogonal matrix generation and know you are writing a book on simulation. When will your book on simulation using SAS come out? Can I buy an early version? Perhaps reading your book can save me hours and hours of work!

        Last year, I posed a SAS support request:

        SAS tech support number: 7610634360
        title: reproducible Mersenne-Twister random number stream: SAS vs R

        Would it be interesting to tackle this problem using Proc IML in your book? If so, please let me know.

        Best regards,

        A major simulation work requires me to use reproducible random number stream between SAS & R. The enclosed results show how I can keep track of random number generation results from the Mersenne-Twister (1998) algorithm from SAS. As far as your statistical experts know, can this stream be reproduced by R?

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