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Creating a Simple Dashboard in JMP

This blog post was written by a blogger who is no longer at SAS Business users have been flocking to JMP for its data visualization and analytical capabilities. You can create a simple dashboard with a minimal amount of scripting. The functions that I will use are: New Window(), H

Saving Graphs, Tables and Reports in JMP

Here are some simple ways to save both tabular output and/or graphs in JMP. When you copy information from JMP, you can either use “Copy” from the Edit menu or the tool bar. The copied information is copied to an active windows clip board. 1. If you want to save

Tools to Help Teach JMP

In a recent live Webcast for faculty and students, I showed teaching modules developed by Amy Froelich (Iowa State University) and Bill Duckworth (Creighton University) that were programmed by Wayne Levin and Brian McFarlane (Predictum Inc.). Here I show how to invoke these modules (which are encrypted JMP scripts) or

Make a Menu. Share a Script.

Don McCormack, JMP Principal Customer Advocate, likes to share his work. He recently gave a tip on how to save a script to a new menu that you create. This lets you use the menu to execute the script against data where the column names and modeling types are the

Keyboard tips: CTRL/Click, ALT/Click, CTRL/ALT/Click

In his January 28 Webcast on Advanced Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Efficiency, Sam Gardner demonstrated three keyboard shortcuts that are useful for applying commands or options to graphical reports. 1. CTRL/Click applies one red triangle hot spot command or option to all applicable graphical reports in an analysis

A Tidbit About Tabulate

During yesterday’s Mastering JMP live Webcast on Shaping Your Data, one of the JMP capabilities presenter Jeff Hawes demonstrated was Tabulate (Tables>Tabulate). Here is a tidbit that folks found interesting. Jeff: Tabulate is one of the data management tools in JMP. It is akin to a Pivot Table in Excel,

JMP Year-End Roundup

Ah, yes. It’s been a good year. Why? Because JMP® software only gets better with age. Each new release boasts enhanced features and capabilities. And as time goes on, more people come to recognize the power of data visualization for making breakthroughs. As 2009 comes to a close, we reminisce

Scripting Data in JMP

JMP scripting is an important part of the JMP user experience. Anyone can easily create a reusable JMP "program" with JMP Scripting Language (JSL) by running an analysis, selecting the hotspot (red triangle) at the top of the report, and choosing "Script." From there, you can save a script to

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Today is a special day for a colleague. Happens every 365 days. A good friend here is 1388534400 today. At least that's what JMP tells me when I put her birthday in one column and today's date in another and then calculate the difference. You see, JMP stores dates as

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