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Train, Validate and Test for Data Mining in JMP

Data mining is looking for patterns and relationships in (sometimes large volumes of) data. Many methods, such as recursive partitioning and neural nets, are extremely sensitive to the sample of data being mined. How do you know if you are creating a model that would be useful for predicting future

A Demo on Visualization with Bubble Plots in JMP

Bubble Plots in JMP are a good way to analyze and visualize the relationship between three or more variables, especially if you want to analyze over time or over any other continuous variable. JMP Systems Engineer Sam Gardner gave a brief demo (duration: 04:19 | opens in a new window)

Visual Six Sigma -- Tips for Measurement Phase Using JMP

I chatted with Malcolm Moore, JMP Technical Manager for Europe, about the Scientific Computing article by Mark Anawis: "Six Sigma in the PC World -- Investigational approach benefits from the power of statistical tools." Anawis describes how statistical tools, including JMP, can be used as part of the DMAIC methodology.

A Brief Demo of Neural Nets in JMP

Often we assume there is a complicated relationship between explanatory variables and responses. In these cases, neural networks (neural nets) are useful and can enable us to predict responses from a flexible network of functions of input variables. Neural nets can efficiently and flexibly model different response surfaces when it

Saving Your Analyses in Many Ways Using JMP

One of the key parts of any analysis is to be able to communicate your findings in an organized manner. JMP has a variety of ways to save your analyses and share them with your colleagues. I've recently stepped through a number of ways to work with your analyses in

Tree Maps Come of Age

While I was reading the news the other day, the BBC used a tree map to illustrate Internet traffic in January 2010 for the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, US and Australia (from Nielsen). The tree map was a pleasant surprise and a great way to communicate how

Turning On Laser Pointer in JMP

At every live Webcast, we get questions about how the presenter circles information in JMP. This tool, called the Laser Pointer, lets you temporarily draw attention to parts of a report. The colored line of the laser pointer persists until you release the mouse button. Laser Pointer works on JMP

Changing JMP Graph and Selected Text Colors (for Windows OS)

At Sam Gardner’s March 4 Webcast on JMP Journals, we closed with a few basic unanswered questions about changing color settings in JMP for Windows. I promised the answers. 1. You can change most graph settings globally from JMP Preferences. For example, to change most graph attributes, including background color,

Quick Reference Card

Do you love keyboard shortcuts as much as I do? If so, be sure to check out the Quick Reference Card (found in JMP by going to the Help menu and selecting Books -> Quick Reference Card). It is a PDF of the keyboard shortcuts available in JMP, broken down

Credit Cards: A Method Behind the Madness

It’s no surprise that a Google search for credit card offers yields more than 100 pages of links (and ads). Lou Valente, one of our design of experiments experts, recently used JMP to share a direct marketing DOE case study from the 2007 book Testing 1 - 2 - 3:

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