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Data table tools part 1: Custom Date Formula Writer

JMP supports many date/time formats, but some less conventional (or downright esoteric) formats still crop up from time to time. To many users, converting an oddly formatted date/time from string to numeric form is a frustrating endeavor, requiring custom formulas and an assortment of seldom-used string and numeric operations. With

Is that the best (distribution) you've got?

As data analysts, we all try to do the right thing. When there is a choice of statistical distributions to be used for a given application, it’s a natural inclination to try to find the “best” one. But beware... Fishing for the best distribution can lead you into a trap.

13 helpful (and lucky) JMP scripting tips

Syntax got your tongue? I've compiled 13 JMP Scripting Language tips that I've found handy while learning JSL syntax: 1. Concatenating strings (see Craige Hales' post on this) places = {"world", "planet", "globe", "Earth"}; statement = "Hello " || places[2] || "!"; The above code creates the string "Hello planet!" 2. Referring to table column

Video: Subsetting data from a JMP Distribution report

Let's say you are in the Distribution platform in JMP, and you have created a report that you wish to drill down into. Well, the Local Data Filter can help with that. But perhaps you also want to share a portion of the data with a co-worker, and not just

Video: Joining tables in JMP

Joining tables that are open in JMP is a task we often need to do when collecting and combining data from different sources or observation dates. Plus, you may want to customize your join further, for example, by matching specific columns or even leaving out a few columns. Watch the demo

Video: Red triangles in JMP

The little red triangles in JMP are ubiquitous, hard-working and powerful! Here's a quick video by my colleague Ryan DeWitt on these drop-down menus that some users call "hot spots," "inverted triangles" or just plain old "triangles." Subscribe to the JMP channel on YouTube to see the latest videos.

10 things you didn’t know about JMP: Tips and tricks

A fellow consultant has advised that, when working on submissions for a regulatory agency, you should “model” your submission on previous ones (that is, leverage previous successful work to your benefit). In that spirit, I fully admit to “modeling” this blog post on those by Jeff Perkinson (10 Things You

New activities and videos to enhance your JMP skills

Since it debuted earlier this year, the New User Welcome Kit has become one of the most fun and efficient ways to learn how to use JMP. Now it’s been updated with six new hands-on activities that let you apply your skills within JMP itself. The new activities include: Using Graph

5 more things you don't know about JMP

Previously, I shared a list of things you probably didn't know about JMP. Maybe you already knew some of them. Maybe you learned a few new things; I hope you did. Well, now here are five more things you probably don't know about JMP. 1. Row State columns There are

5 things you don't know about JMP

The title of this post is provocative, I know. But if you read this list, I'll bet you'll find something that you didn't know about. Now, if it turns out that you already knew most of these, I do want to know. Take a moment, let me know and add

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