The JMP Blog is moving!


Dear readers,

The JMP Blog is moving to the JMP User Community soon!

  • When will this happen? By the end of November at the latest, the JMP Blog will make its debut in its new home with a new look.
  • Why is it moving? When you visit the JMP User Community, you will have easy access to the blog. Plus, you will be able to find relevant blog posts when you search for answers to your JMP questions in the Community.
  • What should you do? Once the JMP Blog has moved, we'd love it if you'd come by and check it out, subscribe to it there and update your bookmark to the blog.

I'll update you one final time when the blog move is complete!

Thanks for reading!

Image of bundles being carried in a cart.

The JMP Blog is packing up and moving over to the JMP User Community! (Photo by Rubén Bagüés


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