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Easy Way to Embed Flash into PowerPoint Using Freeware

While Lou Valente, Scott Wise and I were presenting the Lowering Costs Through Visual Analytics seminar at the SAS Austin campus recently, one of the attendees gave us a great hint. Fred Norton of Fred Norton LLC – a facility consulting firm – told us that there was an easy

JSL Tip: Use Matrices Instead of Lists

The list is one of the basic building tools for organizing data in JSL. The power of lists is that they can contain any kind of items (numbers, characters, other lists, ...), and they can grow and shrink as needed. However, if you just need a fixed list of numbers,

Vector Plots in JMP

Vector plots show arrows on a two-dimensional plot and allow one to see four dimensions of data: x position, y position, arrow angle, and arrow length. Equivalently, the four dimensions can be x start position, y start position, x end position, and y end position. The latter form is most

Want Cool Row Markers in JMP 8? Here's How to Get 'Em

In JMP 8, you may have noticed that you have access to more option for row markers. Do you need some help getting started? Here are a few pointers: 1. From your Start Menu in Windows, select Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map 2. Browse

JMP Tip: Finding the Gold Coin Boxes

A customer recently compared JMP's very rich interface to the interface in a computer game. Specifically, she said that watching me use JMP was like watching her children play Super Mario Bros. Her boys would be guiding one of the Italian plumbers along, and suddenly they would stop and direct

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